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"Dude, Where's My Rick?" Quest

Dude, Where's My Rick?
Quest Giver: Dandy Rick
Badges Required: 38
Quests Required: This Rick Must Fly
Quest Giver Wanders? Yes
Dandy Rick's car battery has died.


Active Quest:

Blast! My new Morty is even more of an imbecile than the last!
He left the car radio on overnight and the battery is drained. Can you craft me a battery powerful enough to power my car?

Reject Item:

That's not powerful enough to get my flying car off the ground.

Accept Item:

That's it, Rick! You really came through for me this time.
No longer must I rely on Mortys for help.
Someone keeps leaving leaflets on my windshield. Here, take one of them for me, will you?

Complete Quest:

I have relieved my Mortys from duty. It seems I will need to find new ones for my future battles.

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