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Microverse Battery

Multiplayer Info
Not available in Multiplayer.

Recipe for Creation (Campaign Only):

Recipes Used In (Campaign Only):


Solution for Quests:

Rewarded From Quests:


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Quoting Robert:
That recipe is for a neutrino bomb it's not? Neutrino Bomb uses a Dark Energy Ball, Microverse Battery uses a Dark Matter Ball
Little mochi

Little mochi

Yeah if you see a rick or jerry with a orange question mark above their head go up to them and click the A button the rick/jerry will ask you to craft something they need. Go craft the item if you can the go find the rick or jerry and click on the item and press give. Once you give the item toys will probably get money and something else, like a item. You can find a lot of ricks and jerry who have quests around the portal and past the morty games. But look everywhere else because they can be anywhere including the morty daycare.