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List of All Trainers in Pocket Mortys

Trainers are NPCs that have their own Mortys that you can battle against. Take the portal at the Citadel of Ricks in Campaign mode and you will find them scattered around dimensions. Every dimension has one Rick and multiple non-Rick trainers. You can also battle Council Members in the Council chamber in the Citadel of Ricks when you have enough badges.

Updated to Game Version 2.29.3, Asset Version 386 (October 3rd, 2022).

Trainer Name Type Mortys Items Used Rewards
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I wish they would add the multiplayer skins to be useable avatars here. I Have to choose a good looking morty for my username instead of deepthroat rick like ingame. (It's sad but after rewatching The Rickatlantis Mixup you can see in the end that he is dead.)


Quoting Milnid:
Can you keep fighting ricks even after you gotten all 40 badges?

Yes. Wild Morticias only appear in the game after you earn your 45th badge. You can get as many badges as you want, which will, in turn, keep leveling up all the wild Mortys. Your game, your choice!