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Q. Why are my Mortys locked / why can't I unlock my Mortys?

A. A recent game update automatically locks any Mortys that are a part of your Fight Pit team. To unlock them, remove them from your Fight Pit team, then you should be able to individually unlock them. This was done to prevent a trade and Fight Pit exploit.

Q. I purchased In-App Purchases on my Android device and the game did not give me the coupons. What do I do?

A. This link should solve all of your problems:

Q. What are Raids? How do I participate in them?

A. Please read our Raids Guide.

Q. Does the game have controller support?

A. No, at this time the game does not support controllers.

Q. I’m getting a “Device not compatible” error message in Google Play Store, even though my device should be supported.

A.We're aware of an issue where some people get a "Device not compatible" error message in the Google Play Store when trying to download Pocket Mortys, even though Pocket Mortys should support the phone. Google is currently investigating this issue with Google Play Store.

As a temporary workaround, Google suggests clearing Google Play Store's data from your phone and then trying to install Pocket Mortys. To do this, go to Settings> Application Manager> All> Google Play Store> Clear data. Then restart your phone.

Q. There are no sound effects or music on my iPhone or iPad device. Help!

A. Check the ring/mute switch or your device volume. Additionally, the music/SFX volumes can be found in the game’s settings.

Q. How do I save?

A. The game autosaves locally as you play. Alternatively, you can save your game to the cloud by accessing Settings -> Save to Cloud. This is where you can also restore your data if it is deleted, or load it onto another device running the same OS.

Q. I deleted the app! Can I get back my data?

A. As of version 1.6, all data is automatically saved to the cloud, so redownloading the app and logging into your account should automatically restore all previous data.

Q. I accidentally released Egg Morty / The One True Morty, can I get him back?

A. No.

Q. Do I get anything special for defeating all the trainers in a dimension?

A. No.

Q. How do I catch rare Mortys?

A. Each dimension will spawn no more than one "Rare" Morty. You can view which Mortys are considered Rare here.

Q. If all my Mortys are defeated in battle, what happens? Do I lose anything?

A. If all your Mortys are defeated, don't worry! Bird Person will take you back to the Citadel of Ricks and you won't lose anything.

Q. Can I transfer Mortys between Campaign and Multiplayer?

A. Not anymore. Campaign and Multiplayer are now completely separate.

Q. How do I catch Sun Morty / Black Hole Morty? It keeps using Implode!

A. You can try using a Morty Manipulator Chip immediately for a low chance of capture, or you can use a Morty that has a Paralyzing attack (like Pepperoni Pizza Morty's "Gooey Cheese" attack). Paralyzing a Sun Morty / Black Hole Morty will reduce the chance it's able to successfully Implode.

Q. I recently updated the game and now I've lost my save data / the game is only showing older saves. What do I do?

A. Prior to update 1.10.5, loss of game save data could occur if you disabled Google Play on your Android device, yet continued to play the game locally. This has since been fixed, but unfortunately if this happened to you there is no way to recover the data. As a result, any player who played the game before April 3rd, 2017, downloaded game update 1.10 on April 3rd or 4th, 2017, and played the game before release of 1.10.5 on Tuesday afternoon will be given 5 Blitz and Chips coupons the next time they open Pocket Mortys. For more information, please read the official statement here.

Q. Help! I leveled up my Morty too much and now it's disobeying me! What do I do?

A. If you level your Morty too far ahead of your trainer level, it will start to disobey you until you level up your trainer level. The formulas to determine how far ahead your Morty levels are allowed to still be obedient are:
$$ Maximum \ Obedient \ Morty \ Level = 2 \times \ Your \ Trainer \ Level + 2 $$ $$ Minimum \ Trainer \ Level = \left(\frac {\ Your \ Morty's \ Level \ - 2}{\ 2 } \right) $$ So for example, at trainer level 5, the maximum Morty level that will still obey you is 12, at trainer level 6 the maximum Morty level is 14, and so on.

Q. What are IVs and EVs?

A. IVs (Individual Values) are hidden stats each Morty has for Attack, Defense, Speed, and HP. They range from 0 to 16 and cannot be modified. Mortys with higher IVs will ultimately have better stats than Mortys with lower IVs. You can calculate them by going to a Morty page and entering its stats in the IV Calculator.

EVs (Effort Values) are hidden stats each Morty has for Attack, Defense, Speed, and HP. They range from 0 to 65536 and can be increased by defeating wild Mortys or by giving your Morty Attack, Defense, or Speed Mega Seeds. When your Morty levels up, it will receive bonus stats based on its EV values (see Formulas). After a certain amount, you will no longer gain these bonus stats upon leveling.

Q. Are there any Pocket Mortys cheat codes, glitches, hacks, or infinite money versions of the game I can use?

A. Cheat codes, glitches, hacks, and other exploits are against the Pocket Mortys Terms of Service. If you see a site claiming/offering any of these, chances are they may also include potentially malicious code that can track/harvest your data. Additionally, using modified versions of Pocket Mortys may result in permanent data loss/data corruption or the termination and loss of your Pocket Mortys account, so think twice before trying to use them!

Q. How do I contact support?

A. Please send an email to the support team at if you need any technical support with Pocket Mortys.

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