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All Sign Posts in Pocket Mortys

Updated to Game Version 2.12.1, Asset Version 128 (November 18th, 2019).

There are various sign posts scattered around the many dimensions in Pocket Mortys. Here is what all of them say (the number of badges required before a sign post randomly will start appearing is listed above the text).

Tutorial Sign Post #1
Pick up an item by standing next to it and pressing 'A'.
Tutorial Sign Post #2
Chase wild Mortys to wear them out. While they're catching their breath, press ‘A’ to initiate a battle.
Tutorial Sign Post #3
Signposts give helpful tips. Read them to become the best trainer around!
Sign Post #1 - 1 Badge
Each dimension has a boss Rick, the toughest trainer of that dimension. Level up your Mortys against easy trainers before taking him on.
Sign Post #2 - 1 Badge
Visit the Healing Center whenever you return to the Citadel. Your Mortys will be in tip-top condition before taking on the next dimension.
Sign Post #3 - 1 Badge
You can buy items from Salesman Rick's right from your MortyPad. Spend those Schmeckles wisely.
Sign Post #4 - 1 Badge
If you catch two Mortys of the same type, you can combine them at Morty Day Care. You'll be surprised at the results.
Sign Post #5 - 6 Badges
Save your progress to the cloud via Settings on your MortyPad. You never know when you may need that backup!
Sign Post #6 - 5 Badges
Share your crafting recipes on Twitter. You may help out another Rick! #PocketMortys
Sign Post #7 10 Badges
Council Members giving you a hard time? Use Mega Seeds to increase your Mortys' stats.
Sign Post #8 - 3 Badges
Keep an eye on the AP - Attack Points of your Mortys' attacks. If it reaches zero, he won't be able to use that attack.
Sign Post #9 - 5 Badges
Stock up on items from Salesman Rick's in the Citadel or from your MortyPad. It could make the difference between winning and losing.
Sign Post #10 - 8 Badges
Do your Mortys lack the punch you need? Visit Morty Day Care in the Citadel and try combining Mortys of the same type to make them stronger.
Sign Post #11 - 6 Badges
Be sure to look around each dimension you visit. You might just find an item you need-- or a super rare Morty!
Sign Post #12 - 3 Badges
Always heal your Mortys before entering a new dimension. The Healing Center is free to use; don't risk a black out!
Sign Post #13 - 8 Badges
There is more to a Morty than just his looks. Check out the Morty Deck for detailed stats and trivia.
Sign Post #14 - 7 Badges
Please don't walk on the grass!
Sign Post #15 - 7 Badges
Has anyone lost their Jerry? He is waiting for you at the Lost and Found.
Sign Post #16 - 15 Badges
A crafty trainer once broke into Morty Day Care and stole all the Mortys. They were never found.
Sign Post #17 - 7 Badges
For Sale: Morty shoes, never worn.
Sign Post #18 - 6 Badges
Try combining a Battery and Fleeb at a craft bench!
Sign Post #19 - 6 Badges
Search the Citadel for Quest givers; they can be generous with rewards! Check for active Quests from your MortyPad.
Sign Post #20 - 15 Badges
If you are reading this, it means we are already too late.
Sign Post #21 - 35 Badges
Come home. We love you and we forgive you.
Sign Post #22 - 25 Badges
There are many Mortys without a Rick and there and many Ricks without a Morty.
Sign Post #23 - 15 Badges
Here lies Rick Sanchez _____d __ __o__.
Sign Post #24 - 16 Badges
Don’t run before you can walk; pace yourself.
Sign Post #25- 17 Badges
Level up all your Mortys. Leave no Morty behind if you want to get ahead.
Sign Post #26 - 18 Badges
A well maintained Morty is a useful Morty.
Sign Post #27 - 19 Badges
There’s no going back now, Rick. You always knew there was never any chance of returning anyway.
Sign Post #28 - 20 Badges
Your Mortys need you; don’t forget to heal them.
Sign Post #29 - 21 Badges
If you’re gonna polish your Morty, watch out for blisters.
Sign Post #30 - 22 Badges
Have you ever heard of quantum reincarnation?
Sign Post #31 - 23 Badges
Remember to use items while battling!
Sign Post #32 - 24 Badges
If they only knew, Rick. If they only knew...
Sign Post #33 - 25 Badges
We always hurt the ones we love, no matter which dimension they are from.
Sign Post #34 - 26 Badges
Do not try to put Mortys in your pocket.
Sign Post #35 - 27 Badges
Youthful innocence is lost early in battle, where the hearts of Mortys grow hard.
Sign Post #36 - 28 Badges
It's only a game; don’t feel sorry for your Mortys.
Sign Post #37 - 29 Badges
Remember to combine your Mortys! You can always catch more.
Sign Post #38 - 30 Badges
When fate comes a-knockin’, you’ve gotta get out of the kitchen and into your busy shoes if you want to get ahead.
Sign Post #39 - 31 Badges
Look out for rare Mortys!
Sign Post #40 - 32 Badges
You can’t choose your family, but you CAN choose which interdimensional versions of your grandson you want to follow you around.
Sign Post #41 - 33 Badges
Lost cat. Answers to the name ‘Mr Flullyploops’.
Sign Post #42 - 34 Badges
Don’t be a Jerry: keep your Mortys safe!
Sign Post #43 - 35 Badges
There is a Morty that glows as bright as the sun, his golden arm reaching out to all that believe.
Sign Post #44 - 36 Badges
I thought I saw a new type of Morty, but I only caught a glimpse of his shadow. I’ll keep looking.” -Old Trainer Rick.
Sign Post #45 - 37 Badges
“I had a dream that a ghostly Morty visited me in my sleep. I think I’ll keep the light on tonight.” -Old Trainer Rick.
Sign Post #46 - 38 Badges
“Met a Rick today who was crazier than me. His obsession with collecting Mortys gave me a bad feeling...” -Old Trainer Rick.

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Quoting pickle morty 123:
some of these are pretty weird and creepy.

I've seen you on multiplayer before :/
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