All Items, Parts, & Inventions in Pocket Mortys

Updated to Game Version 2.34.0, Asset Version 451 (January 31st, 2024).

# Item Name Type Type Cost Cost Req.
Reward Level
At Club Rick? At Blips and Chitz? Description

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Low ema predicted the future :0
He’s the one true pocket mortys player :0
I wish that the Club Rick Coupons, new special Morty and Mr. Meeseeks Box enter in the list of prizes of Fight Pit.
I feel there should be a HP mega seed... Why not?
I believe the developers just wanted to make the game more challenging.
There are already two items for HP. Pure Halzinger and Pure Curum... What would you need a seed for?
kestox is right. I and kestox mean that adds some HP instantly, like Level up Mega Seed adds level instantly.
No he means a Seed to incresase 3-4 points indefinetly
I ❤️ Pocket Mortys
Thanks to appreciate it!