All Attacks in Pocket Mortys

Updated to Game Version 2.34.0, Asset Version 451 (January 31st, 2024).

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Buffs and debuffs are rated as Weak, Medium, or Strong.
During a battle, you can have up to 6 "stacks" of a buff or debuff on yourself or on your opponent.

  • Weak = 1 stack
  • Medium = 2 stacks
  • Strong = 3 stacks

So for example, if you used the attack Traumatize twice, the enemy would gain 6 total stacks (2 Strong attacks @ 3 stacks each) of Accuracy debuff.

Each stack of a buff or debuff has the following multiplier effects:

Attack, Defense, and Speed Multipliers
Buff Buffs
  • 1 stack = x1.25 (125%)
  • 2 stacks = x1.5 (150%)
  • 3 stacks = x1.75 (175%)
  • 4 stacks = x2 (200%)
  • 5 stacks = x2.25 (225%)
  • 6 stacks = x2.5 (250%)
Debuff Debuffs
  • 1 stack = x0.8 (80%)
  • 2 stacks = x0.6666 (66.66%)
  • 3 stacks = x0.5714 (57.14%)
  • 4 stacks = x0.5 (50%)
  • 5 stacks = x0.4444 (44.44%)
  • 6 stacks = x0.4 (40%)
Accuracy and Evade Multipliers
Buff Buffs
  • 1 stack = x1.0666 (106.66%)
  • 2 stacks = x1.1333 (113.33%)
  • 3 stacks = x1.2 (120%)
  • 4 stacks = x1.2666 (126.66%)
  • 5 stacks = x1.3333 (133.33%)
  • 6 stacks = x1.4 (140%)
Debuff Debuffs
  • 1 stack = x0.9375 (93.75%)
  • 2 stacks = x0.8824 (88.24%)
  • 3 stacks = x0.8333 (83.33%)
  • 4 stacks = x0.7895 (78.95%)
  • 5 stacks = x0.75 (75%)
  • 6 stacks = x0.7143 (71.43%)

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Question: Are strong buffs or debuffs with 5 ap better than the ones with 10 ap or do they just have less ap? I use Tally Ho and I feel like it's more op than retain strength
Those are both strong so there's not much of a difference. In PvP it's better to have more ap because you can get debuffed and you use more to rebuff yourself. Sometimes against raid bosses a small ap can be useful if you're trying to run out and squirm for extra damage. Also training a high level Morty against very low level to train faster with squirm if your moveset has a lot of inaccurate attacks. Tally-Ho is a good move though.
wish this has filter for regen attacks

Quoting hckpr:

wish this has filter for regen attacks

Added Absorb to the filter! Let me know if you see any bugs
thank you so much, it is very helpful
I wonder that the new Move to cure self of paralysis or poisoning arrive
what does lowering evade do
The evasion stat helps to determine if the opponent will land the attack it's attempting to hit with in battle.

If you lower your enemys evade the chance of you attacks hitting it increases.
WOAH, implode does a lot of damage.
Can the sing ability stack ding increases attack strong
cool :)
Does anyone know how to make the best use of paralyze? It seems to be very off. I’ve gone 8 hits without paralyze working even though it’s applied to then opponent.

Quoting RicknRolla:

Does anyone know how to make the best use of paralyze? It seems to be very off. I’ve gone 8 hits without paralyze working even though it’s applied to then opponent.

That's random, sometimes the enemy morty doesn't get any paralyzed attacks and sometimes is like he can't do anything until you unparalyze him, as you see is a 50% accurate of do a correct paralyze, (except grab it is 60%) and the % of a paralyzed morty is unknown (i think is like 25-33 %) so at the end is just luck. Use the paralyze as much as you can and if you hit then change to other attack.
hey I keep on spamming mega seeds into my mortys how much does attack and speed and all that really help you in a fight cuz I feel like I'm just wasting my mega seeds how does 147 damage help a morty in battle then say a morty with 100 damage I get speed who ever has more speed goes first simple but I don't see much difference some one please help me. :(
I’d suggest you don’t use those seed,it screws up your final results once you’ve reached level 100. But then don’t waste the seeds. What I did in the beginning was have a team of 3 pure unadulterated Mortys and 2 Mortys fully pumped with seeds(just to give me some edge and reliability)
Dude I love the game but I have no clue how a battle what am I doing wrong?
Try YouTube mate , it’s very informative. But if you have detailed questions, pm me