You can purchase packs of Mortys for Credits at Club Rick. Club Rick Credits can be obtained by leveling your trainer level up in Multiplayer, or through in-game purchase.

Current Credit Prices

Quantity Total Price Price Per Credit
5 $3.99 $0.80
15 $9.99 $0.67
40 $19.99 $0.50
125 $49.99 $0.40
300 $99.99 $0.33
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busco al morty de las navidades pasadas
Lo tengo ¿Qué ofreces?
no tengo mucho porque perdi la cuenta pero ¿Un evil morty lvl 44? con ivs buenisimos
Lo siento, estaba buscando algo como un Vuelta al pasado :^(
alguen tiene morty libertad
i feel sorry for everyone who purchased a St Patrick's Day Pack. spend $12.99 for something you can catch, and you don't even get credits!!! You would have to be drunk to buy it, but I guess that's the idea.
Like 4 real its literally the cost of the xmas pack u will have to be dumb enough to buy this pickle deal is also kinda crappy
Me: buys it
Lol i got st patrics rick from campaing
bro when will charismas pack come it December
can I find any of the christmas mortys in campaign
can I find any of the christmas mortys in campaign
when christmas pack come back im getting it
How do you get rick morty :-)
Start using manipulator chips on Summer Mortys in GF Mortanic, keep evolving: Summer-Jerry-Beth-Rick
This game is not for ftp is it

Quoting MickestOfRortys:

This game is not for ftp is it

It's actually pretty good compared to most. You can be competitive, especially in raids, without buying a single Morty.
How do I buy a package of Mortys?
you can't, you'll have to wait for seasonal packs
wubba lubba dub dub