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You can purchase packs of Mortys for Credits at Club Rick. Club Rick Credits can be obtained by leveling your trainer level up in Multiplayer, or through in-game purchase.

Current Credit Prices

Quantity Total Price Price Per Credit
5 $3.99 $0.80
15 $9.99 $0.67
40 $19.99 $0.50
125 $49.99 $0.40
300 $99.99 $0.33
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Current Packs

The Pickle Pack

Price: $9.99Contents:Morty Manipulator Chip3000 Flurbos15 Club Rick CreditsRat Suit Pickle RickPickled Morty

Christmas Pack

Price: $11.99Contents:Christmas Future MortyChristmas Past MortyChristmas Present Morty20 Club Rick Credits2000 Flurbos

Past Packs

Halloween Pack

Price: $9.99Contents:Morty Manipulator Chip3000 Flurbos15 Club Rick CreditsPhantom RickThe Pale Morty

Black Friday Pack

Price: $4.99Contents:Mr. Meeseeks BoxPure Halzinger10 Club Rick CreditsTiny Rick2000 Flurbos

Chinese New Year Pack

Price: $9.99Contents:Fan Dancer MortyYear of the Rat MortyTanggu Drummer MortyLion Dancer Rick10 Club Rick Credits3000 Flurbos

Valentine's Day Pack

Price: $9.99Contents:Cupid MortyLove Heart MortyHopeless Romantic MortyBondage Rick10 Club Rick Credits3000 Flurbos

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Like 4 real its literally the cost of the xmas pack u will have to be dumb enough to buy this pickle deal is also kinda crappy
Me: buys it
Lol i got st patrics rick from campaing