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Often you can save time training a Morty. so if we look at Christmas Future Morty its Base Stats are 110-130-120-95, needing 596 kills to max out HP EV. We don't want to kill 690 for the speed. We notice 110 BaseStat on HP is the same as OTM. We can train this like an OTM if we seed the Speed EV. Lets find out how many seeds we need. So 596 kills need for HP EV * our Speed Base Stat 95 is 56620 EV. Max EV for any stat is 65535. 65535 - 56620 = 8915 EV needed for speed. At 2500 EV per stat seed, we can see we need 4 Speed Seeds, giving us 10,000 Speed EV. We can now use the training calculator for OTM instead, to tell us how to train our Christmas Future Morty. This saves us from having to do 94 kills. So the HP Base Stat is the deciding factor on whether or not you can save time training a Morty, by seeding the other stats. Now before you begin training, or before you level up if doing all training in one level, you will need to write down your Morty's IV with 0 EV on the calculator. After you think you should be done training, use the IV calculator set to Max EV, and you can see if the IV's match. If your new IV's show less IV, you know you have a little more work to do.

to skip the math...train as a morty who needs the same HP Kills. dump stat seeds on after ur done.


the discord is on this site's main home page. it's one of the first things, it says "Join us on discord" my name is the same as it is on here just shoot me a dm


thanks but I asked for a egg morty so I have to wait to request for the red an orange shirt morty


u record ur starting IV's....then do math, like an algorithm to tell you where ur too lazy to help you sorry