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Quest Giver: Mascot Morty
Badges Required: 40
Quests Required: None
Quest Giver Wanders? Yes
Plush Suit Morty wants to give the other Mortys a distraction from their horrible lives.


Active Quest:

Hey... Psst... Rick! Over here! It's me, Morty!
The council has us working inside these suits, hyping up the crowd so they can keep making money off of this Morty craze!
They have us all chipped and under their control... except for me!
My chip broke, Rick. I'm free, but I can’t just leave my fellow Mortys behind. So, I'll make you a deal.
Craft them something that will keep them entertained and distracted from their horrible lives. In return, I'll join you and your Mortys.
Please help them, Rick. Please!

Reject Item:

That's just not cutting it, Rick. They need a distraction, something that lets them live in someone else's shoes in a new life...

Accept Item:

Oh, wow, a portable Roy game! The other Mortys can find an escape from their awful lives with this!
I remember when my Rick used to take me to Blips And Chitz. We would spend hours on this...
Rick, you've been so kind. I'll keep my word. I'll join your party!

Complete Quest:


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I just completed this quest and I did not receive a Mascot Morty. Its not in the Day Care or anything...

Using a Galaxy S8+


The same thing happend to me. My friend it also happend for. The quest which gives you a morty seems alittle bit glitchy.
Madison Neo Bonshwitz

Madison Neo Bonshwitz

Quoting I didn’t get it, I can’t find it in the storage:

mascot morty is like a shiny pokemon


He’s my favorite paper type, he has great stats overall. And definitely a Morty to train up in multiplayer