Types of Battles


In Pocket Mortys Multiplayer mode, you can battle both bots and other trainers like you. In addition to wild Mortys that will respawn and roam around the various dimensions, there will be trainers that walk around that you can challenge.

You can easily tell the difference between a bot trainer and a human trainer because the bot trainer will never run, will have an automatically-generated username, and all of their Mortys will be from the dimension you are in.

You can also battle human trainers without being in the same dimension as them by adding them to your friends list. Note: You won't get XP for battling friends.


Battling in Campaign mode is very straightforward. If you wish to battle, you must first enter a randomly generated dimension via the Citadel portal. Once inside, you'll find a random distribution of wild mortys, trainers, and one "Rick" trainer.

Types of Attacks

Attack Types

There are several different types of attacks in Pocket Mortys: Standard Attacks, Buffs, Debuffs, Poison, Paralyze, and Absorb.

The standard attacks are the aforementioned Rock Rock, Paper Paper, Scissors Scissors, and Normal types, and these deal damage to the enemy.

Type Effectiveness

Pocket Mortys follows a simple type effectiveness system:

  • Rock Rock is effective against Scissors Scissors, but weak to Paper Paper
  • Paper Paper is effective against Rock Rock, but weak to Scissors Scissors
  • Scissors Scissors is effective against Paper Paper, but weak to Rock Rock
  • Normal is neither effective nor weak against anything.

It's recommended that you keep this in mind when choosing your Mortys, and to have a diverse team for fighting other trainers.

If an attack is effective, it will be "sensational" and deal 2x damage. If an attack is weak, it will be "pathetic" and deal 0.5x damage.

Poison Poison is a special attack that adds a "poisoned" modifier to a morty, dealing damage after each turn. It is a useful way to slowly wear down a Morty's health over time. The only way to remove a poison modifier mid-battle is to use a Poison Cure Poison Cure or Pure Curum Pure Curum. Poison modifiers are automatically removed after battles. Note: Raid Bosses are immune to poison.

Paralyze Paralyze is another special attack that adds a "paralyzed" modifier to a morty, sometimes preventing them from performing an attack. The only way to remove a poison modifier mid-battle is to use a Paralyze Cure Paralyze Cure or Pure Curum Pure Curum. Paralyze modifiers are automatically removed after battles. Note: Raid Bosses can be paralyzed.

Your Morty Deck

You can have up to 3 Morty Decks containing 5 Mortys each to use in battles. Only one deck can be active at a time, selected at a Morty Storage building.

For Raids, we recommend having two debuffers, a paralyzer, and two attackers.

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When battling a Raid Boss, what is more important: the strength of an attack or the AP? The reason I'm asking is that I'm putting together a deck of Mortys for a hypothetical battle against a Paper-type Raid Boss and I have two good candidates, SEAL Morty and Guard Morty. The stats of the ones I have are pretty similar and they have almost the same attack stat. They each have two good Scissors attacks: SEAL has Mind Meld and Invasion while Guard has Legislate and Invasion. Mind Meld has a power of 115 and an AP of 5 while Legislate has a power of 107 and an AP of 8. While Mind Meld is certainly more powerful, Legislate provides more attacks. Therefore, wouldn't my Guard Morty be a better choice than my SEAL Morty because it can cause more overall damage to the Raid Boss despite causing less damage per hit?

Also, in a RAID battle, would an attack with a power of 70 and an AP of 10 be preferable to an attack with a power of 115 and an AP of 5? Assuming that the Morty survives long enough to deliver all ten attacks, it should have delivered more overall damage to the Raid Boss than if used the more powerful attack with fewer hits. Is this assumption correct or am I missing something?
learn to use the Damage Calculator. we picked 16iv lvl 100 Gangsta Cob, OTM, and Rainbow Shirt as the defending mortys. this is important so all ur calcs are against the same target. then find the stats for a 16iv lv 100 morty u want to use. i take the Min Dmg value and multiply that by total AP. Multi-attacks are often more complicated due to the often low accuracy of final hits. anyways your going to want to make yourself a spreadsheet of all the mortys u calc damage on, so u can compare them to each other and such
Compared to a normal attack, how much more powerful is a type-specific attack when used against an opponent weak against that type? For example: against a Scissors-type opponent, how much more powerful is a Rock attack compared to a Normal attack of equal strength?

Right now, I'm trying to figure this out: against a Rock-type opponent, how powerful is a Paper attack of 55 compared to a Normal attack of 120?
According to the guides, typed attacks make 2x damage on the vulnerable type, and half the damage on the stronger type.

So your paper attack of 55 will act as a 110 on rock types.
Thanks for your reply and your patience.
just get on discord man, ur obviously asking us "should i get on discord?" and the answer is yes broh
only damage calculator can tell you. set buffs to 6 and debuffs to -6
Hi! I'm looking for a training partner for a low level alt account (it is Trainer lvl 7 rn), The account name is Finite-Curve and I have a lvl 80 trover that you can beat to level your Mortys. All I'm asking is for you to let me do the same!!
What loadout do you guy use for PvP?
Mine is currently
Trover,Nargles,Forbidden,Santa,Turbulentjuce but i wanna replace the Santa and Turbulent Morty
But i think i would like to change something on this loadout. Would be interessting which mortys other players use
My "serious team" for pvp has Morticia, Evil, Trover, Gotron and Season 4, sometimes I swap Morticia for another S tier. I don't really like to use Gotron or S4 because everyone and their grandma's have them, but they are really overpowered.

My "dream team" on Campaign has a hyperbuffed Shadow, Christmas Future, Morticia, Man of time And Wasp.
My Pit team is 4 Gotrons and a Fan Dancer. My grandma's is 5 Gotron yeah.