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All Quests in Pocket Mortys

Updated to Game Version 2.12.2, Asset Version 135 (December 10th, 2019).

Note: Although some quests have multiple "Items Accepted" listed, you only need to give one of them to complete the quest.

Badges Quest Person Items Accepted Reward
3 The Broken Rickmote Jerry Battery
Supercharged Battery
Attack Mega Seed
4 Rickstoring the Balance Doofus Rick Plutonic Rock
Pure Plutonic Rock
Sensational Serum
6 Feeling Rickcharged Robot Rick Supercharged Battery
Microverse Battery
Level Up Mega Seed
8 New Chef in the Rickchen Masy Kallerax Purified Fleeb Level 5 Egg Morty
10 A Rick and His Morty The Scientist Known as Rick Dog Collar 500 Schmeckles
12 A Matter of Rick or Death Four Eye Rick Dark Energy Ball Battery
Bacteria Cell
Turbulent Juice Tube
14 Rickbooting a New Life Robot Rick Motherboard Level Up Mega Seed
16 This Rick Must Fly Dandy Rick Dark Matter Ball Morty Manipulator Chip
18 The Love Ricktor Jerry Love Potion Mr Meeseeks Box
20 Just in the Rick of Time Flargo Time Crystal 1200 Schmeckles
22 The Ricktatorship Bluu Robot
Butter Robot
Gwendolyn Doll
Attack Mega Seed
Defense Mega Seed
Speed Mega Seed
24 Ricktastrophe of the 4th Kind Humox 5 Neutrino Bomb Sensational Serum
Pure Serum
26 Rick Around the Clock Flargo Time Stabilizing Collar Pure Halzinger
Pure Plutonic Rock
28 Butter Me Up Rick Jerry Butter Robot Mutant Bacteria Cell
30 Ricktelligence Quotient Doofus Rick IQ Enhancing Helmet 2x Level Up Mega Seed
32 The Cable Rick Baloogy Mellow Interdimensional Cable Box Morty Manipulator Chip
Mr Meeseeks Box
34 Behind Every Lover, There is a Rick Guard Rick Gwendolyn Doll 2000 Schmeckles
36 The Rick In Me is a Rick In You Jerry Interdimensional Goggles Purified Fleeb
Pure Serum
Pure Halzinger
38 Dude, Where's My Rick? Dandy Rick Microverse Battery Blips and Chitz Coupon
40 Virtual Rickality Mascot Morty Roy VR Headset Level 35 Mascot Morty

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Does anyone know another way to get egg morty in campaign? Because I didnt get it from the quest guy
Super Rick Fan Morty

Super Rick Fan Morty

Just commenting because I beat the game and I never got egg morty either :(

If anyone knows how to get one let me know. (I did all the quests too)

I think if your party is full when you do the egg morty quest you just don't get egg morty...


You can go round beating all the ricks , but don't waste your time with Mr meeseeks boxes. I mean I love them don't get me wrong but they kinda useless, if you need to beat that one Morty, you'll probably need to beat the rest of em to
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