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Game Update v2.24.0March 31st, 2021

Features and Improvements:

  • Added purchasable deck slots. You can now unlock up to 6 deck slots in game!
  • Links to Pocket Mortys Twitter and Facebook added at main menu for quicker access to Storage Rick
  • Updated credits to include our wonderful new developers, Pocket Sized Hands
  • Fixed a possible softlock when on the storage screen in daycare on MP

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a graphical issue where stat pop-up box after level up moves behind Morty
  • Fixed a graphical issue where previously combined Mortys can be seen slightly off-screen after successfully combining
  • Fixed a possible issue where if the player is offered the Starter pack after the battle to get 2nd badge, the main quest message will appear very briefly then disappear
  • Fixed a possible issue where Blips and Chitz screen inexplicably disappears then reappears after dismissing "Sorry, purchase did not go through" prompt
  • Fixed a possible issue in Morty Games where trainer is missing a Morty
  • Fixed a possible issue where no music when Crafting screen is open

Game Update v2.23.0March 4th, 2021

Features and Improvements:

  • Updated Morty Daycare capacity to 450
  • Backend updates to featured Mortys system allowing new sets each week
  • You may now batch release Mortys from the Daycare
  • Fixed an issue where music did not loop in tutorial dimension

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a typo when using Club Rick credits for Hunter Permits
  • Fixed some backend raid boss scheduling issues
  • Fixed a graphical issue where certain localizations in your Morty deck have letters slightly obstructed
  • Fixed an issue where sending multiple friend requests to a player that has not accepted would display a "you are already friends" message
  • Fixed an issue where user could tap combine on a final stage evolution Morty in the Morty Daycare
  • Fixed an issue in campaign where the main quest was delayed in updating after defeating a council member and leaving the citadel

Game Update v2.22.0January 20th, 2021

Features and Improvements:

  • Scroll Bars in Menus can now be used
  • Backend privacy and stability improvements
  • 54 bug fixes summarized below

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed many issues with unreadable text for Chinese and Japanese users
  • Fixed issue where users could get stuck on Fight Pit screen
  • iOS users notification number will now be removed when opening the app
  • Fixed issues when buying new avatars
  • Fixes many issues around evolving Mortys
  • Users no longer lose XP Multiplier after losing a battle against Raid Boss
  • Fixed problems from moving from MP->SP where game could soft lock
  • Issue where users could claim a challenge but get no reward if inventory was full
  • Fixed scaling on Tablet users

Game Update v2.20.0October 5th, 2020


  • Backend SDK updates

Game Update v2.17.2July 8th, 2020

Fight Pit:

Introducing Fight Pit! The brand new PvP Arena where players fight each other for bragging rights, sweet swag, and to finally prove who really is the Rickiest Rick that ever Ricked.

Fight Pit officially opens for everyone in Multiplayer on July 14th.

Fight Pit Details:

  • Fight Pit is located just east of the Healing Center in each Dimension
  • Players can also enter Fight Pit directly from the Morty Pad
  • Use Isotope-322 to attack other teams and climb your way up the leaderboard
  • Isotope-322 will recharge slowly over time or can purchased with Club Rick Credit
  • Each Fight Pit competition will last two weeks
  • Prizes will be delivered based on rank after each two-week competition is complete

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Overall backend and client stability improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the soundtrack would stop playing when using the Mortypad
  • Fixed a raid boss issue where the leaderboard would not populate player data correctly