Fight Pits are frequent events that occur roughly once per month in Pocket Mortys Multiplayer where trainers individually compete against the active teams of other real players to try and reach the top of the leadeboards and win rewards.

When a Fight Pit is active, you can access it by going to the Fight Pit building in each Multiplayer Dimension, or by opening your Morty Pad and selecting the Fight Pit icon on the left. You can also check if a Fight Pit is active on the home page of the website.

Fighting in the Fight Pit

In order to fight in the Fight Pit, you need 1x Isotope. The most you can have at any given time is 5. Over time, you will slowly regain used Isotopes (every 30 minutes).

Alternatively, if you're out of Isotopes, you can still fight for 2x Club Rick Coupons.

Fighting in the Fight Pit is just like a regular trainer battle - you are allowed to use up to 5 Mortys and can continue to fight until all of them are defeated. There are no consequences for losing in the Fight Pit - once you're defeated you'll return to the Healing Center with your Mortys fully healed.

Fight Pit Rewards

Every Fight Pit will give a unique Morty as a reward to the top-ranked players. You can check your current ranking on the Fight Pit Leaderboards by tapping the Fight Pit Icon in the bottom left corner of your Morty Pad and selecting the "Leaderboard" tab.

For a full list of tiers from past Fight Pits, you can browse our Fight Pits Database.

Fight Pit Strategy

To succeed in Fight Pits, Poison is king. We also recommend having well-balanced team typings instead of using the same type all of your Mortys so you can maintain type effectiveness.

You are allowed to use items in the Fight Pits, including Mr. Meeseeks boxes, so we highly recommend having a few on hand, especially when battling for the top ranks!

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For some reason, all of my Mortys that have the fight pit icon on them are bugging out and if I remove them from my party, it won't let me add them back. I don't know what to do, someone please help.
just change ur mortys and fight with them to unlock
One can defend fairly easily against the "poison at all cost" crowd with a Dragon. Even a Prancer is fairly effective against this technique (although it works a lot better in conjunction with something (like a Trover) that has a strong Defense debuff).

I agree regarding the effectiveness of debuffing.

These days are certainly different than when this post was written, too. People are playing parties with five Gotrons: totally unbalanced, and doing fairly well. I pretty much nail them to the cross, but they are consistently in the top 10 until the last day.

Season 4 and Gotrons have changed the way that Fight Pit has to be fought in order to win. To "future proof" this post, if you're trying to see what the "hot" Mortys are, you can simply look at the top 11 on the Leaderboard after about day 3 of a Fight Pit forward for the Level 50 trainers that mostly play level 100 Mortys. That provides information about not only what people's favorite Mortys are, or abstract strategic advice, but literally what the winners are using at any particular time.

For example, let's look at the list right now:!AtV-p15VLeyRhtN9SZ5J4PjFAuoMTA

So, this is the leaderboard as of a few minutes ago in the current Fight Pit. The following is a count of the number of times that a Morty is used by the top 11:

Gotron 15
Trover 10
S4 4
Dragon 3
Evil 3
Box 3
Wasp 3
Forbidden 2
Mortybot 1
Grand Sage 1
Archmage 1
Mortcia 1
Specs 1
Mortaion 1
Hockey 1
Queen 1
One True 1
Cupid 1
Nerd 1
Liberty 1

See? Gotrons are currently really hot.

What amazes me is just how durable Trovers have been in this analysis. When I started winning Fight Pits fairly consistently in Jan 2020, Trovers were probably #1, with tons of Box and Wasps.
If you go to your mortypad click the 2 swords there will be a green button that says collect then you have your rewards
How do I claim my fight pit rewards?
how do i earn the rewards i worked for in the fight pits?
My user is RickandMortyoowe
I have all those except hobo Santa wasp is probably best poison in game to me
I recommend that you use "poisonous" Mortys for Fight Pit: Trover, Box, Kissing Cats, Wasp, Santa Hobo, Super Rick Fan, Nerd and Grand Sage. And use the speed de-buffers (Artificial Intelligence can control they, sure): Rick's Pet, Good Boy, Influencer, Fan Dancer, S.O.S (No joke), Amoeba and Snake! How about it?