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Updated to Game Version 2.26.0, Asset Version 327 (September 14th, 2021).

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Quoting Catpat7:
I have played this game since 4/7/2015 and not ones have i seen a shiny morty

Its on multiplayer mode


Quoting Need help with mortys:
I need a morticia for whatever anyone needs i just really need a morticia

I have this morty for free! :) Does the level matter?

Check out my morty list. send me a PM if you see something you like! All my morty are free.


I am giving a dethklok fan morty (its an epic and the only evo) i request a couple spooky mortys or a ghostly morty


Hiya! I have lots of level 6-9 rare and exotic mortys for trade, but I'd be happy to level them up if you'd like :) here's a list of everything I have to trade:
Sleepy Morty - Level 9
Pastry Chef Morty - Level 8
Snot Morty - Level 8
Pride Morty - Level 7
Soldado Loco Morty - Level 7
Easter Egg Morty - Level 6
Chops Morty - Level 6
(2) Shrimp Morty - Level 6
(2) Brake Fluid Morty - Level 6
Plumbus Worker Morty - Level 6
Hockey Stick Morteh - Level 6
Raptor Morty - Level 6
Elf Morty - Level 6
Tickets Please Morty - Level 6
Message me for trade if you'd like :)


U give a morty I want and I give u a morty u want
We talk bout the mortys and then we see if we like each other’s offers
Tip: u have to have good mortys
And if u where asking in-game trading
U just have to go to friends press add friend add me and then request the morty u want and then donate the morty u offered