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Quest Giver: Robot Rick
Badges Required: 6
Quests Required: None
Quest Giver Wanders? No
Robot Rick's out of juice.


Active Quest:

Beep... Beep... Beep...
Reboot failed - low battery.
System shutting down.

Reject Item:

Energy source rejected - insufficient power.
Try alternative energy source.

Accept Item:

Power source accepted!
System rebooting...
Ding! Thank you, Rick!
I was trying to upgrade to the latest firmware but a power surge caused my battery to blow out.
This new battery should give me the power I need to invade... I mean, visit other dimensions!
This was jammed in my exhaust pipe. Maybe you can find a use for it.

Complete Quest:

This battery is great. I have so much energy for Morty battling now!

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Look around and you should find him west of the Council of Ricks near the stairs, not moving