Multiplayer Info
Type: Item
Level Requirements
Not sold at Salesman Rick's.
Reward Level Range: Any
Effect Type:Stat Increase
Effect Stat:Level
Usable in World? Yes
Usable in Crafting? Yes
Usable in Battle? No
Usable on Self? Yes
Found on the map and in item boxes in all dimensions, as a reward from trainer battles, and in bundles purchased from Club Rick.
Increases a Morty's level by 1.
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I found that yes, mega seeds do raise all stats including hp, but, leveling up your morty the grindy way definitely helps raise ur stats much higher
Hey guys, I've been playing this game for a few weeks now but can't figure out how to use any of the seeds. They're stacking up on me and I don't know how to use them!
U use them to level up mortys but I would suggest u use them on egg Morty till he is level 20
Yo save em for when you get the egg. It's for the one true morty.
I was dum and didnt save.
How can I get a Level Up Mega Seed??
Pros and cons of using these over individual seeds?
The most useless item on the Multiplayer: they don't improve stats, and there is a limit on how many mega seeds you can use on a single Morty. And a high-level Morty gain much less experience points. Avoid them at all cost.
Dude have bother on compare the stas before and after using a lvup seed ? Cause I did and I do see higher stats, also its true hat higher level is your Morty less exp its gonna win , even if your never use a lv seed,
But that's the point of the mega seeds when its in a lv so high and gain so little exp that the moment your start to use mega seeds
I did compare stats before and after. It might be a glitch but I'm not the only person who has suffer this issue. In the single-player campaign a Level Up Mega Seed sometimes improve every stat in double digits, but in Multiplayer they basically allow you to unlock more powerful attacks if your Morty was almost ready to learn them.
okey looks like i gonna have to check this for my own very carefully to make sure if the lv up seed actually works
Why can I find level up mega seeds in salesman ricks store?
So the level up mega seed does absolutely nothing in multiplayer other than change the level by one. And doesnt even increase stats. I am wondering why after all this time, they are still broken for me. I've tried in many different occasions and they are completely useless! Not a single stat increases when I use one
Dude have bother on compare the stas before and after using a lvup seed ? Cause I did and I do see higher stats,
Why do the level up seeds in multiplayer no longer increase hp? Isn't that a complete waste?
i think its for mantain some kind of balance like whne you use regular mega seeds and the stats increase but when level up normally the morty stats on which you used the mega seed increased the least in comparison to the others
One thing the level up seeds do is to make the individual seeds more effective
Where do I start, first of all does anyone want to offer a trade for Lvl 36 exo prime Morty. Also, how do I do the 0 shmeckles courier flap glitch?
So I have encountered a strange thing.. On singleplayer, all the seeds (attack,speed,defense & lvl up) cost only 800... And what is even wierder is that the courier flap cost 0! After the update it got fixed it seems but I have been wondering if this happened to anybody else.
I experienced the same 800 shmeckle anomaly along with the 0 shmeckle courier flap