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Type: Part Rarity: 100 Cost: N/A
Badges Required
Purchase from Salesman Rick's: N/A
Receive as Trainer Reward: 0
Usable in World? No
Usable in Crafting? Yes
Usable in Battle? No
Usable on Self? No
Excretes Fleeb Juice, a magical and versatile fluid.

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Mason Hobbs

Mason Hobbs

I dont know if im just lucky or not but when I was at the part of the game where you use the Blitz and Chips thing, I got this really good Wizard Morty that, now that it's a level 12, can pretty much just one-shot just about every scissor type that's a level 1-8. Is it just luck or do you always get the Wizard Morty?


This is an odd place to post this question... under fleeb?

Blipz and Chits can award any Morty, or at least, the vast majority of them. It's all random. My first was Aqua Morty.

Wizard Morty isn't particularly good or bad, but he's probably in the top 25%. It's helpful to have a rock-Morty with an actual rock attack... especially early in the game.
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