Multiplayer Info
Type: Part
Level Requirements
Not sold at Salesman Rick's.
Not given as a reward.
Used in crafting.
Usable in World? No
Usable in Crafting? Yes
Usable in Battle? No
Usable on Self? No
Found on the map and in item boxes in all dimensions.
Repels matter with a dark force.
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This is not a educational tip or something this is a request for the makers of pocket mortys, well I would really like if you would make an update where you could combine mortys but different mortys and also in the update you could make it where you could make an evil robot by using a dark energy ball and a robot and you could make a nice robot by using a robot and you the created of pocket mortys make a love energy ball to make a nice robot....?
This does bring up a valid point; the recipes for Poison Cure and Paralyze Cure should be listed on this page.
Why is it in multiplayer if it doesn't do anything for non quests?
someone hasn't looked at the recipes..