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Quest Giver: Jerry
Badges Required: 3
Quests Required: None
Quest Giver Wanders? Yes
Jerry needs a new battery for the TV remote.


Active Quest:

Rick! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!
The battery in the TV remote has run out and I can't find any replacements in the house. Can you find one for me?

Reject Item:

That doesn't work, Rick!
The remote is still dead. I need a battery!

Accept Item:

Yes, finally! Now I can catch up on the episodes of The Personal Space Show that I've missed.
I found this wedged down the side of the couch. I think it's yours.

Complete Quest:

Thanks for the battery, Rick!

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Yep, the quests have their own particular order. I advise that you do every quest. And by claiming more badges, you can unlock more quests. Good luck!