Quest Giver: Doofus Rick
Badges Required: 30
Quests Required: Rickstoring the Balance
Quest Giver Wanders? No
Doofus Rick wants to improve his IQ to become better at Morty battling.


Active Quest:

Hey, Rick-- you know I'm not stupid, right? All the other Ricks are making fun of me and my Mortys.
I can’t take it anymore, Rick. I want to show them I can be the very best, too!
Hey, I don’t suppose you could help me out? You know, craft me something to show them I'm not a doofus?

Reject Item:

I’m not sure if that will make me seem any more intelligent to the other Ricks.
Maybe there's something else you can craft?

Accept Item:

Wow, Rick! That looks great. They're going to be sorry they messed with me.
I don't need these anymore. Here-- take them, friend.

Complete Quest:

It fits great, Rick. You are so kind to me.
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This Morty looks like my dad.