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Quest Giver: Flargo
Badges Required: 26
Quests Required: Just in the Rick of Time
Quest Giver Wanders? No
Flargo wants to stabilize time.


Active Quest:

So, you’re the Rick that gave that clone a time crystal?
I'll bet he told you I was the evil one and wanted to kill him, right? Well, then he's fooled us both!
He's the evil one, Rick. He attacked me and took all my Schmeckles! You need to fix this, Rick. Find me some way to stabilize time.

Reject Item:

That’s not going to get him back, Rick. We need something to stabilize time.

Accept Item:

That’s it! With this collar I can stabilize time and get my Schmeckles back.
My clone dropped these before he ran away. You can have them.

Complete Quest:

You’ve done a good thing today, Rick. There can be only one Flargo...
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did the dog make the morty became dog morty or its just a morty in a dimension where everyone is a dog :lol:
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Dog mortys cute !!! maybe why I have 5 of them XD. :lol: :bark:
Yay my profile pic is dog morty! :lol:
hi weredog!