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Dog Collar

Multiplayer Info
Not available in Multiplayer.

Recipe for Creation (Campaign Only):

Recipes Used In (Campaign Only):

Solution for Quests (Campaign Only):

Rewarded From Quests (Campaign Only):




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Rick Sanchez C-168

Rick Sanchez C-168

we need more items in the game, and some of the inventions i make with hard-to-find materials dont do anything... like the butter robot, i mean, when im not playing the game, i guess he passes me the butter but when playing... he doesn't do anything.
i dunno. im just a rick. hah. i miss my portal gun.


Haha.. I have the exact oposite prob.
I need more in campaign mode...
I can find loads in multiplayer. :D
I tbinkthink in multiplayer if you keep clearing the tin cans and other things you dont need The Juice appears more often. :P


Quoting Pickle meeseeks:
how can you craft it

You can't - you can only use it to craft other things.