Multiplayer Info
Not available in Multiplayer.

Recipe for Creation (Campaign Only):

Recipes Used In (Campaign Only):

Solution for Quests (Campaign Only):

Rewarded From Quests (Campaign Only):




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if i use it on my dog he will do stuff like sniffles
This was very helpful :lol: :lol: :lol:
Read its useablity, it tells you whether it can be used for.
For the people asking how to wear these crafted equipment... Read its useablity, Most of the crafted items are for quests. Not for battle or self.
I still dont get what it does lol

Quoting Super T Gamm:

I still dont get what it does lol

It's just a quest solution, no other use
I want to put a dog collar on my rick (That will be a good update)
You will now call me browine becauses my fur is cute and light brown.
I made a lot so I can look at them (I have 10 collars)
How do I take it out of my phone and use it?-morty
They should add a feature where you can take weird ricks with the dog collar.