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Neutrino Bomb

Neutrino Bomb
Type: Part Rarity: 100 Cost: N/A
Badges Required
Purchase from Salesman Rick's: N/A
Receive as Trainer Reward: N/A
Usable in World? No
Usable in Crafting? Yes
Usable in Battle? No
Usable on Self? No
Kills all living things. (Stand back.)

Recipe for Creation

Supercharged Battery Motherboard Dark Energy Ball Neutrino Bomb

Recipes Used In


Quests Used In

Ricktastrophe of the 4th Kind

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Mr. Stealy

Mr. Stealy

I was super disappointed after crafting this... I thought 'kills all living things' meant it would instantly kill all the opponent's mortys XD
me toooooo

me toooooo

Me too! What is the point of these cool sounding items if the do nothing? It would be so much better if they had a purpose. Otherwise they are just distractions from the game and a waste to make you could use the ingredients for yet more serum or the like
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