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"The Ricktatorship" Quest

The Ricktatorship
Quest Giver: Bluu
Badges Required: 22
Quests Required: None
Quest Giver Wanders? No
Bluu wants a robot. Probably for world domination.


Active Quest:

Bluu wants to be on the Council. Bluu will be a fair leader.
Bluu will offer Mortycare with every Morty. Bluu will give the people Free Lunch Thursdays.
Bluu just asks for a small donation towards his Robot Army.

Reject Item:

Bluu is not satisfied. Bluu wants a working robot.

Accept Item:

Bluu is grateful for your donation to his Robot Army. Bluu will spare your life when the time comes. Bluu wants you to take these and have some fun.

Complete Quest:

Bluu wants you to enjoy your time as a free man.

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Quoting PsychokineticZack:
Who give him Butter Robot or GwendolynDoll? Its a waste.

I did
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