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Game Update v2.24.0March 31st, 2021

Features and Improvements:

  • Added purchasable deck slots. You can now unlock up to 6 deck slots in game!
  • Links to Pocket Mortys Twitter and Facebook added at main menu for quicker access to Storage Rick
  • Updated credits to include our wonderful new developers, Pocket Sized Hands
  • Fixed a possible softlock when on the storage screen in daycare on MP

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a graphical issue where stat pop-up box after level up moves behind Morty
  • Fixed a graphical issue where previously combined Mortys can be seen slightly off-screen after successfully combining
  • Fixed a possible issue where if the player is offered the Starter pack after the battle to get 2nd badge, the main quest message will appear very briefly then disappear
  • Fixed a possible issue where Blips and Chitz screen inexplicably disappears then reappears after dismissing "Sorry, purchase did not go through" prompt
  • Fixed a possible issue in Morty Games where trainer is missing a Morty
  • Fixed a possible issue where no music when Crafting screen is open