AP: 10
Type: Power: Accuracy:
Buff Attack (Self)1100%
Buff Speed (Self)1100%
Explode into action, boosting this Morty's Attack and Speed after dealing damage to the enemy.
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Why sometimes this attack doesn´t deal damage? Happens with me all the time
it's right at the top of the page you commented on. the part that deals damage has 95% accuracy, but it continues on miss and the buffs both have 100% accuracy, so it's guaranteed to get value unless it's stopped by paralyze or your morty dies before being able to use it (due to the enemy morty having higher speed than yours; that's mainly what determines which morty attacks first in a battle).
Yea... but I was talking about what shows in the game. There doens´t appear the 95%. And about the page... I haven´t seen it, just came here to talk directly from the game.
yeah, the game is pretty vague about what works how, especially for yellow-background attacks. I think the only attack on the site that doesn't have the full info is that Soul Bondage is rock-type
Quoting MarcoladaGalera:
Why sometimes this attack doesn´t deal damage? Happens with me all the time

That's because the attack can miss. The way it works is that combustion is split into 3 parts. The attack, the attack boost and the speed boost. Even if one misses, the other effects/attacks may still hit/apply. So if combustion misses, don't worry, you still get your boosts.
Thanks bro. Sadly the game is extremely poor on explaining everything, and, with the amount of bugs, I thought maybe it was one of them