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Let me draw your Pocket Mortys!

1 week 5 days ago - 1 week 5 days ago #4448 by C-124
Free of course!

Hello, hello! In-between playing Multiplayer and Campaign, I've decided I want to go a little further and draw other players' Pocket Mortys. Be it a single Morty, or a Trainer (Ricks only for now, sorry) and his team of 1-5 Mortys, I will draw them for free. No Mortys are to be traded or donated, this is all for free, and the amount of fan-art you want is limitless. It won't be first come, first serve, however; I'll choose randomly. And though I am busy, I will try and make sure everyone has at least one picture drawn of their team.

Below I will make a list of how you can have your picture so it'll be easier deciding what you'll want drawn. Please feel free to copy it, and fill in which options you'll be wanting, then either send me a private message or post here.

Type of art:
Sketchy or line-art? Will you want your art to be sketchy and messy, or have clean lines like in-game?

Color or no color:
Want color in your picture or do you want it left colorless?

Headshots or fullbody:
Will you want a simple headshot or want a full body picture?

How many Mortys:

Rick Trainer:
Want to include your Rick Trainer (optional of course)

What expression do you want them to have:
Want your Morty smiling, or maybe he's looking angry? Let me know what expression you want him to have.

Extra details:
Does your Pocket Morty have freckles? Maybe he has pointy ears? Let me know of any small details you want your Team to have, and I'll include it.

My art examples:
I've posted just a few examples of my art so you'll know what you'll be getting. Line-art with color, messy sketch, and a simple headshot with color. Notice: Your picture will still have my watermark, sorry. I will make it transparent in your picture, so I ask that you please do not remove it.

If there's anything that I've missed or you have any questions, please feel free to post here or message me. Thank you, and have a wonderful day/night fellow Trainers!

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~Just a normal Pocket Mortys player. Feel free to battle me in-game, I'd love to help other trainers level up. My in-game ID is i2-8FF3.

~Want your Pocket Mortys team drawn? Free of course. Just send a private message my way, and we can work something out.
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1 week 5 days ago #4449 by You feel your sins crawling on your back
I dont have any request for now but glad to see this kind of post, also if you need a morty tell me i can try to get it for you.

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