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Cómo se desbloquean los mortys que tienen el icono de cambio
add me to battle and trade my user is RickTrollsMortyy also i do rick and morty voice immpressins on tiktok my tiktok is ricksaysmorty and my intagram link is here
does anyone have evil morty i would like to trade if you do im only looking for evil morty
I need any lvl 5 morty
Hola, necesito el morty huevo, pidan y si lo tengo os lo doy a cambio
Tiene Discord? El mio es GreatOne#4276
I'm looking for s4 with very good ivs if you have one write to dm
Do you accept low level s4 Morty and do you have evil Morty lvl must be around (15-25) cuz evs. I found no evil Morty recently instead trover and some other random exotic I have been finding evil Morty for 5 hour.People keep sending me lvl 50 evil Mortys I am a bit disappointed and desperate for it.
hey man im looking for evil morty so if you have it i would like to trade you
One question, if you want to get good exclusive Mortys like Cupid or Fan Dancer Mortys win, do you recommend me to shoot 15 or 40?
If anyone has a fan dancer morty i can trade to you a Cronenberg morty, Trover morty, + many more exotics
Did you find it in mortopia?