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Latest Updates

Game Update v2.26.0June 17th, 2021

Features and Improvements:

  • A very special and very SHINY surprise

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Mr. Meeseeks' name in Brazilian-Portuguese
  • Fixed issue with description for move Productive Punches
  • Fixed an issue with the The Watch ads challenge where Mr Meeseeks' name is listed wrong in French
  • Fixed an issue where a challenge to collect a specific item does not tell the player which item they need to collect
  • Fixed an issue where a player is told to select other final evolutions on combine screen when none can be selected
  • Fixed an issue where buffing your evasion will lower the probability of your own buffs being successful on your own Morty

Game Update v2.25.1May 5th, 2021

Features and Improvements:

  • Challenge system updates!
  • New daily challenges
  • New weekly challenges types
  • Updates to challenge button in Mortypad to inform you of new challenges!
  • Many backend fixes for overall experience and ad support you probably don't care to hear

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with graphic for localizations of move "Sonic Squawk"
  • Fixed issue with description for move Productive Punches
  • Fixed graphic issue with Pocket Sized Hands logo on the splash screen
  • Fixed an issue where MP Rick refers to Club Rick Credits as "coupons" when unlocking a new deck
  • Fixed graphical issue where Hepatitis A text in the about box is not correctly fitted and words are cut off
  • Fixed issue when Season 4 Morty uses "Death Crystal" the player is not told if they got a successful Defense boost
  • Fixed an issue where French players may have not been able to load the Morty store

Latest Assets

New Assets v320September 6th, 2021

New Avatars:

New Assets v311August 18th, 2021

New Raid Bosses:

New Assets v304August 9th, 2021

New Avatars:

New Assets v303August 2nd, 2021

New Avatars:

Sobre Pocket Mortys

Únete a otros Ricks a través del multiverso y flipa con ellos en su última movida: ¡entrenar Mortys! Por ahí sueltos hay más de 70 Mortys de lo más extravagante, a quienes puedes reclutar y entrenar, incluyendo a: Morty Bigotes, Morty Brujo, Morty Cronenberg, y muchos más. Crea tu equipo ideal y desafía a otros Ricks rivales, obligando a vuestros nietos a que luchen entre sí en vuestro nombre. ¡Lidera a tus Mortys, combínalos y súbelos de nivel para demostrar que eres el entrenador de Mortys más poderoso de todo el espacio-tiempo!

  • Descubre docenas y docenas de extravagantes Mortys a través del multiverso de Rick y Morty.
  • Entrena y combina a tus Mortys para que suban de nivel y sé testigo de su evolución.
  • Enfréntate a tus Ricks rivales en todo el multiverso.
  • Encuentra a tus personajes favoritos, como Persona Pájaro o el Sr. Meeseeks, entre otros.
  • Fabrica objetos y embárcate en tediosas misiones secundarias.
  • Gana premios en el salón recreativo espacial Blips and Chitz.
  • El progreso se guarda automáticamente.