Raids are events that occur roughly once per month in Pocket Mortys Multiplayer where you work together with other people to defeat a Raid Boss over the course of a weekend.

When an upcoming Raid has been announced, a Mysterious Spaceship will crash in Mortyland and you'll see a countdown appear in the upper left corner of the game indicating how much time until the Raid Boss emerges to fight. You can also check the countdown on the mainpage of the website.

One the countdown expires, the Raid Boss will emerge to fight in the center of Mortyland and everyone will be given 4 Hunter Permits.

Fighting the Raid Boss

Each attempt to fight the Raid Boss will cost 2 Hunter Permits. You can randomly get more by defeating other trainers (chance of receiving more as a reward). Alternatively, if you're out of Hunter Permits, you can fight the Raid Boss for 3 Club Rick Coupons.

Fighting the Raid Boss is just like a regular trainer battle - you are allowed to use up to 5 Mortys and can continue to fight until all of them are defeated. There are no consequences for losing to the Raid Boss (and you will since it's so strong) - once you're defeated you'll return to the Healing Center with your Mortys fully healed.

Raid Difficulty Levels

Raid Bosses are given a difficulty rating ranging from Level 1 (Flaccid) to Level 17 (Extreme). The more difficult the raid, the more health the Raid Boss will have.

  1. Flaccid
  2. Wet Sponge
  3. Laughable
  4. Mild Peril
  5. Szechuan!
  6. Insane!!
  7. PANIC!
  8. Certain Death
  9. Deadly
  10. World of Pain
  11. Hopeless
  12. Ludicrous
  13. Inconceivable
  14. Hard
  15. Very Hard
  16. Very Very Hard
  17. Extreme

Raid Rewards

If everyone in your Raid Boss instance is able to take its health to zero before the end of the raid weekend, you will all get a little bonus reward for defeating the Raid Boss. Regardless of the outcome, everyone who participated in the raid will get a reward, with the top damage-dealers getting the best rewards.

Once the Raid Boss is defeated in your instance, you are not able to continue fighting it and the leaderboards are locked. Because of this, it's very important to fight the Raid Boss early, preferrably right when it emerges, or you may miss the chance to get a reward entirely! Especially for weaker bosses or in high-level trainer instances, the bosses tend to be defeated quickly.

Every Raid Boss will give a unique Morty as a reward to the top 100 cumulative damage-dealers. You can check your current ranking on the Raid Leaderboards by tapping the Raid Icon in the top left corner in-game and selecting the "Leaderboard" tab.

For a full list of reward tiers from past raids, you can browse our Raids Database.

Raid Strategy

To succeed in raids, you need to deal a lot of damage without dying too quickly. We recommend looking at the element type of the Raid Boss and putting together a team of Mortys that has an advantage against it. E.g. use Paper-type Mortys against a Rock-type Raid Boss.

We also recommend you have at least one "debuffer" Morty that can apply the following effects and debuffs to the Raid Boss:

  • 6 stacks of Attack Debuff
  • 6 stacks of Accuracy Debuff
  • 6 stacks of Defense Debuff
  • 6 stacks of Evade Debuff (optional)
  • Paralyze Effect

No one Morty can do all of these, but we have some recommendations for team-building over in our Best Mortys Guide. In addition to a good "debuffer" or two, you'll want to fill the rest of your team with Mortys that have strong Attacks / survivability. Two strategies that work are to use Mortys with Attack and Defense buffs, or Mortys that can self-heal ( Absorb attacks).

You will want to minimize having to use healing items if possible, and instead use items that can regain AP (Plutonic Rock and Pure Plutonic Rock).

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La lista de Mortys non-exclusivos (salvajes):

La Piedra: Franela (De-buffer), Balón de Fútbol (De-buffer de Precisión y de Evasión) o Festival (De-buffer de Precisión y Evasión), Tesorero, Tesorero y Hotcakes (Principal Atacante).

La Tijera: Mafioso (De-buffer), Capitán (De-buffer de precisión y evasión), Psicoquinético, Psicoquinético y Mugre (Principal Atacante).

El Papel: Franela (De-buffer), Roller Derby (De-buffer de Precisión y Evasión), Shogun, Shogun y Santa (Atacante principal).

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