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New Morty Trading System is Live!

6 年 5 個月 前 #1964 來自 Hayward
Our new Morty Trading System (Beta) is now live! You can offer up Mortys you have available for trade, make a list of Mortys you're looking for, and manage trade requests you've made or received here: pocketmortys.net/my-trades

You can also browse other people's Morty offerings or requests here: pocketmortys.net/trading

Feedback is much appreciated - please let us know what you think in the Discord #feedback channel or in the comments below!

A huge thanks goes out to theonetruebrando for heading up the development effort on this new feature. We hope to have a lot more cool stuff like this coming soon! Enjoy @everyone!
The following user(s) said Thank You: You felt your sins weighing on your neck
6 年 5 個月 前 #1965 來自 You felt your sins weighing on your neck
Seems interesting gotta try now :D

Lost all, gotta get it back again.
6 年 5 個月 前 #1968 來自 StevezyC-137
That's pretty sweet! I just noticed this before I saw the post. Side note though, I clicked both tabs on the OTM page, but nothing seemed to happen. Is it only for desktop version so far..? It could be my crappy wifi, but wanted to ask you guys before I switched formats. Thanks much
6 年 5 個月 前 #1981 來自 AveLukas
That's awesome !
6 年 5 個月 前 #1997 來自 Bloodborne200
if your offering your morty for a request there is no button to click y can select the morty of the person but y cant go on
i dont know if there is a bug or im just stupid but pls tell me what to do or fix it
Thank y in advance

jo im willing to trade mortys with anyone or if i have them more than 2 times give them for free
If y cant reach me write me on whatsapp : +49 171 8022650 or skype .
My trading rules :
1. One fast friendbattle to let y see i have your morty and y have mine
2.I will never scam y
3 Dont scam me
6 年 5 個月 前 - 6 年 5 個月 前 #1998 來自 AveLukas
  • I think it's because the person don't tell the Mortys that he can trade so you can't ask for anything
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