If you're active in the Pocket Mortys community, you've probably heard players talking about IVs and EVs, or seen screenshots in trades with different stat values that you don't see in-game. This guide is meant to help explain what those all mean and why you should pay attention to them.

What are IVs?

"IVs" are "Individual Values" and are a special set of stats given to every Morty when it comes into existence. They are integers that range in value from 0 to 16, with 0 being "the worst" and 16 being "the best."

In Campaign mode, your starting Morty is guaranteed to have max IVs (16 ATK, 16 Def, 16 SPD, 16 HP).

All other mortys have their Attack, Defense, and Speed IVs randomly generated, and then their HP IV is simply an average of the other three.

IVs are unique in that you cannot change them. Even if you trade or level the Morty, its IVs will stay the same.

What are EVs?

"EVs" are "Effort Values" and are also a special set of stats given to each Morty, but these stats can be increased over time. They are integers that range in value from 0 to 65535, with 0 being "minimum EVs" or "untrained" and 65535 being "maximum EVs" or "fully trained".

In Campaign, when you first catch a Morty (or receive it from Blips and Chitz) the game uses a special formula (see Formulas Guide) for determining the starting EV for each stat.

In Multiplayer, the starting EVs for a Morty are always 0.

In Campaign, the starting EVs for a Morty will never be above 20,000. Example: A freshly caught level 90 Morty will have a starting EV between 0 and (int) floor(20,000 * ( (90 - 5) / 100) ) = 17,000 (inclusive).

The higher your EVs are for a stat, the more of that stat you'll get each time your Morty levels up. These "bonus stats" cap out at 126 additional points you can gain in each stat.

Example: A Level 100 Morty with max IVs (16 in each stat) but min (0) EVs (wasn't trained on Wild Mortys) will have:
232 HP, 127 ATK, 127 DEF, and 117 SPD,
while a Level 100 Morty with max IVs (16 in each stat) and max EVs (65535) EVs will have:
358 HP, 253 ATK, 253 DEF, and 243 SPD.
That's a big difference!

This is why it's so important that you train a Morty on Wild Mortys and not just on other trainers before maxing its level. You'll miss out on 126 stat points in each stat if you don't!

Why should I train EVs?

Great question! As explained above, every time you level up a Morty, its IVs and current EVs are factored into the formula for determining what stats get added to your Morty (if you're interested in the formulas, you can view them in our Formulas Guide). One way to think of it is that every time you level up, you get additional stat points if your Morty has a higher EV value for that stat than you would with a fresh/untrained Morty.

How many EV stats do I get for each Morty I defeat?

This depends entirely on the base stats of the Morty you're training. For example, if you were to train a Hobo Morty by defeating 1 Morty in the wild (any level), you would get 80 HP EV, 70 ATK EV, 75 DEF EV, and 75 SPD EV (because those are the base stats of a Hobo Morty).

Therefore, it doesn't matter at all what level you are EV training at, as long as you defeat enough wild Mortys to achieve max EVs for each stat before hitting level 100.

If, for example, you were to start training a Hobo Morty that had 0 starting Attack EV, you would need to defeat a whopping 937 Mortys to max your Attack EV! Luckily other Mortys have better base stats!

How do I know if my Morty is fully EV trained?

You must defeat hundreds of wild mortys to fully EV train a morty. The only way to check if a morty is fully EV trained currently is to use an Attack Mega Seed, Defense Mega Seed, or Speed Mega Seed on it.

If the game tells you "This item had no effect on this Morty" then that Morty is fully EV-trained for the corresponding stat of the mega seed used. If the game lets you use the mega seed, then you still have more training to go.

What's the best way to EV train?

We recommend starting with a high level Morty that you know has good IVs. Then put another Morty in your party that is a lower level. You're aiming to be able to one or two-shot every wild Morty you encounter, but also not level up too fast because you're going to need to defeat hundreds of Mortys before you reach level 100 (if you're training on Mortys that are too high in level, you may gain too much XP and hit level 100 before maxing out your EVs).

Once you've checked and made sure all your Morty's stats are at max EVs, you can go ahead and level the rest of the way however you'd like, whether that's by fighting Trainers, using Level Up Mega Seeds, or continuing to defeat Wild Mortys.

What if my Morty is already level 100?

If you trained your Morty to level 100 without EV training, then you're out of luck. At this point there's no way to go back and EV train it and you'll have to deal with less-than-optimal stats at max level for that Morty.

Why is it taking longer to EV train certain stats than others?

You gain EVs based on the base stats of the Morty you're training, which vary from Morty to Morty. For example, some Mortys may have a high base ATK, but a low base DEF, so you won't raise your EV stats evenly. Because of this, you may defeat hundreds of Mortys and find that you have a higher Attack EV than Defense EV.

How do I calculate IVs?

We've made a little calculator on the site for calculating IVs and stats for your Mortys. Simply choose your morty, select whether its Untrained or Fully Trained, enter in its level and stats, and then hit Calculate to get the range of possible IVs. We've included a little "star rating" to help visualize how good each IV is. Remember, 16 is the best IV you can have!

If you haven't trained your Morty yet then you should put "0" or "Min IVs" in the calculator since you haven't actually leveled up and gained any of the EV stat bonus yet.

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