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3 年 6 ヶ月 前 #5680 : smayberry
Combining morty's should give stat bonus, to reflect the hard work and make epics relevant.......or a new type of combine system for hybrid-mortys????
Ability to release multiple morty's........or a place to spend Morty's on a raffle for cool game items!!!
Cheaters get secretly detected, account flagged, and suffer accuracy/evade/ev/exp debuff.....go to GF-Mortanic and walk to lowest-left corner...you will see them floating in space. put them in a secret side dimension with "server issues", dont let them know!!!
Giver of Morty's quest only needs 2 Morty's given....it takes me weeks
Show us our Morty's EV

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3 年 6 ヶ月 前 #5684 : smayberry
New map called Citadel of Ricks!!!! It should be an entertainment zone, where players of all levels can interact.
Enter a tournament with random Morty's, and battle against other players!!! So you can learn about what Morty's u might wanna get.
Tournaments with ur Morty's, but with EV reduced to 0, and level auto at 100. So you can battle low level players fairly.
Morty Exchange Center where you donate x Morty's for tickets to enter the tournaments......so u can sell ur unwanted Morty's
Trading Center obviously, with a text chat system.
Morty Death Training, where u can gain exp in Single Morty Combat against an endless supply of Wild Morty's...
Trainer Battle Center, so I can easily find other players looking for a fight...
Finally some completely dif type of mini-game.....like in ab2 u could fly ur hatchling. people get bored without a mental brake from the same old stuff.
Ohhhhh all tie matches are solved by playing roshambo....we have no draws

Lower-Left corner of every map being a special Prison Cage that is labeled "Known Cheaters" so they know they're caught...then never let them walk around the map once account is known....trust me, they will put themselves in the prison cage....I think they got a modded apk or something. often I see people ev training, and when i ask to battle they will mysteriously withdraw dif Morty's far away from Daycare....u can see them hiding off-screen in GF-Mortanic...many players don't bother to hide off-screen, they just attack wild morty's from where ever. These players should NOT be allowed to trade, and have massive debuffs. And record their CPU-UUID or something to that effect, so they can't use that device on a dif account.
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3 年 6 ヶ月 前 #5685 : smayberry
and how about improving this web page??!?!?!?!?!
I dont know if maybe it is a browser issue, as im sure many people use IE...but chromebooks are taking over, and when using Chrome I have to type a space in the subject box, then delete my space...otherwise it says Error Empty Subject Not Allowed
simple code adjustment...the prefilled subject box should be Read-Only...stop discriminating against Chrome users!!! test ur code!!!

Jan 21, 2020 - ... there were 40 million Chromebooks in use in education worldwide, a jump of 33 percent over last year, when there were 30 million users.

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3 年 5 ヶ月 前 #5699 : kwiqkill
How about adding at least 1 more dimension, with ultra hard to catch moray's, that are very strong.

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3 年 2 週間 前 - 3 年 2 週間 前 #5774 : Don_Pelado

FreshStart は書きました: hi,
many times when other players asks for a fight and i don't heve my "battles deck" , i need to go all the way to the daycare (which usually is very far) to activate my "battles deck" , and the other players doesn't know that and usualy think i ignor them and when i come back they dissapear or simply move on.
im sure this daycare issue is also the main reason other players decline my battles invatations.

my suggestion, is to put the day care in the player menu, like salesman rick's, items, and "your mortys"

thank you :)

Just in case you did't figure this yet: You can acces Daycare from anywhere using the Fight Pit shortcut ;)
最終編集: 3 年 2 週間 前 by Don_Pelado
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3 年 2 週間 前 #5778 : cheesychills
add new world and new mortys


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