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Understanding Raids for beginers

3 年 7 个月 � #5709 smayberry
For all the people who struggle with Raids......u can always improve your strategy later, I will get you started.

OK so a new raid is starting and you don't have a team yet? Oh Noes!!! Lets figure out the bare minimum u need to do.

you have a Main Attacker who has a Regenerative attack, an Attack Buff, and 2 type specific attacks to hurt the boss. Find him first. I use almost anything that fits my requirement. It is best if you actually EV train this Morty, as it does almost all of the damage. If you dont have time to EV train, u will probably still win a raid reward.......

Next you need debuffers, you MUST debuff Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Paralyze, and hopefully Evade too. You this website to help you find stuff ur lvl with the moves u need. Click on Database -> Attacks and make sure u get something for each debuff. If you really dont want to look stuff up, get a Flannel and Goomby. That gives you Mock (atk def) and A Boot (paralyze) from Flannel, and Goomby has Glitterblast for accuracy and evade. You dont even have to EV train!!!! It will however help if u find epic/exotic Mortys to do the debuffs, they live longer. In this case you would start with Flannel and Mock x 3, then A Boot, SWITCH to Goomby and Glitter Blast x 5.

Fill any remaining slots on ur team with Side-Attackers....these dont matter that much. They should have Strong or Medium Attack buff, and also have 2-3 Attacks Paper/Rock/Scissor. U don't want any defense buffs, that will just make u have to spam buffs until u squirm, instead of dazing when ur done attacking. You can also get away with not EV training your side attackers.

Some people do a Main Attacker, then the other 4 each have a debuff, and attacks. I think on this website u go to Database -> Attacks and they got info on how buffs stack.

Start by doing your debuffs first. Don't bother attacking yet. Debuff, and SWITCH to whoever else can debuff. Now you can SWITCH to the Main Attacker. Stack ur attack buffs to 6 stacks, and now Attack!!! Once you run out of attacks, use ur regen to refill health. Use a Plutonic Rock only on the Main Attacker. Keep using the Main Attacker like this until the cooldown on ur items is a big number and you are forced to SWITCH to any of your other Mortys, use them until dazed. SWITCH back the moment your Main Attacker can use a Plutonic Rock. Once all your team-mates are dazed, I like to use all my attacks, then spam Attack Buff until empty, saving Regen for last. This lets you SQUIRM from full health, and deal a little more damage.

So you can see, you really only need to train 1 Morty for each raid.....yes its best to train them all. Each time you use a Plutonic Rock on ur Main Attacker it is an equivalent to having an extra team mate, who just so happens to be fully trained~!!! So if you think about it.....no one cares how much dmg their debuffers do, no need to train them (except for the extra HP if you used Nargles!!!). And your 2 Side-Attackers only count for the same as 2 Plutonic Rocks on your Main Attacker, not a huge need to train them either!!!!

Q) But Smay, do I really have to train my Main Attacker? That takes soooo long!
A) I sometimes don't!!! I do great too!!! I just tell people that so they don't blame me later, when they don't get a rank they want.

Just remember to debuff Attack fast...your debuffer wont survive long without that. Paralyze, then Accuracy, finally defense and evade if you can.

Some people have a different variations of strategies. This is the most common one we use. Spaceship crashes on Tuesday, raid starts Friday, you have 3 days to find and train a main attacker
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3 年 7 个月 � #5714 Tormented User
Nice post, but I have a doubt about the stack of buffs and debuffs.
How do these work? Because I think that I need accumulate my benefits to the maximum in the raid, is it good to do it like that? Or do I just need to do it a few times?

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3 年 7 个月 � #5715 smayberry
u can read about buff stacking on this web page if u go to Database -> Attacks just like i said in the guide i wrote above.

all buffs/debuffs are either Weak - 1, Medium -2, or Strong -3. Max stacks is 6

i told u how to get in a raid and spend 8 Plutonic Rocks...thats like having 13 Morty's in ur team!!!! so ya, u want to do it how i said. making sure u always have 6 stacks of everything. ur buffs and debuffs stay until the battle is over

lemme write a short form of guide. ALL HOPE RESTS in you having a Main Attacker with Regenerate attack, 2 Paper/Rock/Scissor attacks, and an Attack buff. You also need to make sure that ur other Morty's can debuff the boss. You absolutely need to debuff Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Paralyze. It is good to also debuff Evade. 6 Stacks, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Start by debuffing the boss. You may find a need to do Attack Debuff first. 6 STACKS of everything!!! Paralyze obviously doesn't stack
Buff your Main Attackers Attack to 6 Stacks!!!!!!
Repeat this step several times. --> Use all attacks, then regen attack to heal yourself. Use a Full Plutonic Rock. <-- Repeat over and over
When you can longer attack, and the Item Cooldown is too big of a number, SWITCH to other Morty's in your team. Do some attacks with them, obviously you want to buff their attack to 6 STACKS!!!
When you can, use a Full Plutonic Rock on Main Attacker again. You should end up using exactly 8 Full Plutonic Rocks every battle.

It's pretty easy. at the top of this web page you see Database click on it, then click on Attacks. it will tell you about buff stacking
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3 年 5 个月 � #5732 smayberry
just pulling this back to front for people to read.
Greatest post ever made? I think so!
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3 年 3 个月 � #5773 Ramstab

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2 年 11 个月 � - 2 年 9 个月 � #5914 smayberry
i got 179k score from only 1 entry using this guide today!!! 
my new meta uses Fort and Jetpack for debuffers
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