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Cant Install

2 年 10 ヶ月 前 #6196 : NabZ
Cant Install \ 作成者NabZ
Hi, i've try to Install pocket mortys by Google play, but After have download the app dont Install.. anyone knows how to solve the problem?

Ciao non riesco a installare pocket mortys... Me lo scarica ma non lo installa... Qualcuno sa come risolvere?

Phone dogee s96pro dame problem on blackview 5900pro


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2 年 10 ヶ月 前 #6197 : Techowl
Cant Installへの返信 by Techowl
Pocket Mortrys will not install on a device that is not fully compliant.

I had it running on a tablet fine, then an update came down and it will not install on that tablet since then.

I was advised by tech support that it would now only run on a newer Android O/S.

- Techowl -

My IGN (In Game Name) is TimDaTech

My Discord ID is Techowl#8306

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