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catch low level = better ?

3 年 9 ヶ月 前 #5677 : unseenblades
is it better to catch a lower level morty ? does anyone have a lvl 5 morty? i need one pls :)

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3 年 9 ヶ月 前 #5678 : rassane
no there's no benefit to catching low lvl mortys
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3 年 9 ヶ月 前 #5679 : smayberry
u catch them at lvl 5 so that you can gain max EV from fighting Wild Mortys. the first 30 levels are fast to grind anyways. you can test if you have max EV in a stat for ur mortys level by trying to use a mega seed. Mega seeds add EV to ur Morty's. Keep in mind there is no mega seed for HP, Accuracy, or Evade. How badly do you wanna be the best? Better to have massive HP

Morty sucks in multiplayer, go for Morticia instead. Catch several of them at level 5. Compare stats of each. Only bother to level the best one. The others are garbage. But you would find a normal Morty in Mortopia...i think Morticia was in GF-Mortanic.

IF YOUR RICK LEVEL is not yet 50.....then there are fewer players in your bracket. It doesnt matter you can do this anyways.......When you are ALL ALONE on a map, go to the portal, and portal straight back to the same map. When no players are on a map in ur level bracket, the entire map RESPAWNS with much higher odds for exotics!!!! So no real need to trade for almost any morty you want.

Keep in mind MANY players are cheating somehow, and able to hide on a map. The only map you can spot them is GF-Mortanic. Walk to the lowest left corner of map. If you can see people in the black space, further lower left then you can walk....those people are cheating, using teleport tech to battle any morty on map without ever moving......if they are on the map, it prevents the map from respawning!!!!! bastards are literally preventing 0-4 exotics from spawning!!! Keep in mind, they do this all maps, you can only see them on GF-Mortanic. You know if they are on a map, cuz you will see Morty's in battles with no one around, and cause they stop the respawn when you use the teleporter.

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3 年 9 ヶ月 前 #5688 : smayberry
To revise my earlier statements....catching them lvl 5 sucks because you can't confirm the IV's using the calculator.
The value of a Morty is largely based on the IV's. For example a Forbidden Morty, will likely be a debuffer, so you don't actually need attack, but you want the other 3 stats very high...if you cant confirm 14-16 in each stat, you are wasting a lot of time leveling it, just to be garbage later.
You should catch them between level 30-90, so it doesnt have to take as long to get cool skillls and reach level 100.
Each Morty gets dif EV in each stat....you want to max out all the EV by level 95-99, so you got a few levels to make sure you get MAX values.
If you want to level Badass Suit Morty, you will see in the calculator it takes around 1000 kills to max the speed, but only 650 for the other stats....so you want to look up a dif Morty of the same level, who only needs around 650 kills to max out, then figure out how to finish leveling it, and use a bunch of Speed Mega Seeds. Mega Seeds are listed as having an effect value of 5, so I think BadAss Suit Morty might need 70 Speed Seeds lol
Basically just get used to using the IV and EV Calculators....try to catch a Morty when it has learned all its skills, and then pick the best method to level it. After you reach level 100, with confirmed max EV, you can double check your IV's and maybe figure out why your Mortys suck
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3 年 9 ヶ月 前 #5689 : LingLing40hours
I agree with almost everything smayberry says, but a few things:
1. Of course there’s no seed for evade and accuracy nor can you max ev them nor do ttes even have EVS. They’re mechanics not stats of the game.
2. You catch them at around level 88-90 so you can max their evs at a usable level (if you’re level 50). If you aren’t level 50, do what smayberry says.
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3 年 9 ヶ月 前 #5690 : smayberry
Basically just learn to use the Online Calculators.
I did some learning and testing since my last comment.

Never forget my awesome portal-respawn-map trick to catch Morty's...you just need alone time. Best to keep a couple open spaces in ur team, so you can check IV's and release garbage right away.....or else you will have hundreds of Morty's in ur Daycare, mostly garbage. You do want a variety of dif level Morty's, so you can use Fastest Method and Target Level Method in the Online Calculator...these are Morty's you will never actually play, they just sit in ur team to make Wild Morty's be a certain level

Catch them at most 2 levels below the highest level u can control....using the calculator, the Fastest Leveling Method can save about 2 days of grinding....or the Target Level Method is also pretty good!!!! After grinding from lvl 5 on several Morty's, I can honestly say it sucks....and like I said, you can't verify the IV's until u get near Morty level 50

HP IV is an average of the other 3, it isn't a unique value...so you can look at HP to get an idea of if a Morty is worth catching, if u catch them all the same type/level. The total HP drops a little after u catch them. ( AtkIV + DefIV + SpdIV ) / 3 = HP IV

You gain most of ur stats from EV as opposed to IV...go ahead and look at the stat calculator, play with the values. 12+ in each stat is probably good enough for IVs. If you get 14-16 attack/def, i would question the need for speed........speed can help with debuffers, who don't need attack

so since there are only 3 stats with IV's, as HP is an average of Atk/Def/Spd....you have 1 in 4096 odds of finding a perfect 16/16/16/16 Morty. You got 1 in 64 odds of finding a 15+ Atk 15+ Def Morty. If 13+ is good enough for you, 1 in 64 will have all stats, and 1 in 16 should have good atk/def. Pretty sure I did the odds correctly ;-) This also means if you catch all ur Mortys the same level, you can just look at HP to guess-timate if it is worth catching

I recommend catching one at lvl 95-98 sometime.....use the fastest method. all the kills are fast 1 shot, and when you FINALLY level up, u get 120+ in each stat. save countless hours of your life, takes about 1 day of hardcore grinding while watching tv

If you do want to verify the IVs of your low level Mortys.....u need to count ALL kills you make to get to a level where the IV's can be verified. The Custom EV's calculator does this. Battling other players (Meeseeks), gives you EV, so count them too. Then you gotta multiply your total kills by ur base stat values, that is the EV for each stat. It is a lot of work, and therefore sucks!!! Ask website coder to rewrite this so we only have to enter total kills, instead of ourselves doing math 4 times!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better to just catch high level Morty's

And it would be cool if someone could confirm the amount of EV you get from Mega Seeds?!?!?!?!?!? And maybe the leveling calculator could then tell us how many mega seeds we need, after training other stats......cause some Mortys have crazy requirements for Speed....like I wanna ev train hp/atk/def and then find out how many speed seeds finish the job. This seems like a reasonable thing for the online calculator to do.
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