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List of All NPCs in Pocket Mortys

Updated to Game Version 2.12.1, Asset Version 124 (November 11th, 2019).

Name Type Purpose
Pessoa-pássaro Conversational Returns you to the Citadel of Ricks when all of your Mortys are defeated.
Sr. Jujuba Conversational
Morty de Pelúcia Quest Giver Gives Quest "Rickalidade Virtual"
Morty Barbudo Conversational
Morty Triolho Conversational
Morty Malvestido Conversational
Morty Fortão Conversational
Rick Prestativo Conversational
Rick Careca Conversational
Rick Barbudo Conversational
Rick Chiclete Conversational
Rick Ferro-velho Conversational
Rick Guarda Conversational
Rick Colecionador Conversational
Rick Bobalhão Quest Giver Gives Quests "Rickstabelecendo o Equilíbrio", and "Quociente de Rickteligência"
Rick Sonhador Conversational
Rick Quadradinho Conversational
Rick Zero Conversational
Rick Descuidado Conversational
Rick Quatro Olhos Quest Giver Gives Quest "Uma Questão de Rick ou Morte"
Rick Feliz Conversational
Rick Esperançoso Conversational
Rick Agradecido Conversational
Rick Superfã Conversational
Rick Murmurante Conversational
Rick Bigodudo Conversational
Rick Iniciante Conversational
Rick Vingativo Conversational
Rick Guarda do Portal Conversational
Rick Gastador Conversational
Rick Perspicaz Conversational
Rick dos Mortys Vorazes Tournament NPC
Rick Fantasma Tournament NPC
Blerg Conversational
Flargo Quest Giver Gives Quests "O Rick-taque do relógio", and "CorRickda Contra o Tempo"
Flipperdee Fluflops Conversational
Gagigabber Conversational
Gloop Conversational
Gobpa Conversational
Goobagobaga Conversational
Humox 5 Quest Giver Gives Quest "Rickatástrofe de 4º Grau"
Jerry Quest Giver Gives Quests "O Rickontrole Quebrado", "Rickonquista", "Passa a Manteiga, Rick", and "O Rick em Mim é um Rick em Você"
Masy Kallerax Quest Giver Gives Quest "Novo Chef na Rickozinha"
Prax Conversational
Priix Conversational
Shmupiedoop Conversational
Snisserchoops Conversational
Snoofy Snooples Conversational
Toopee Conversational
Tuuie Tumtops Conversational
Wimpeebax Conversational
Xqutoopikk Conversational
Zan Quattaxa Conversational
Zannabox Conversational
Rick Cirurgião Interactive NPC Heals all of your Mortys to full HP and full AP for free. The Healing Center is the only place in the game that does this.
Rick Vendedor Interactive NPC Will sell you a wide assortment of items in addition to Blips and Chitz Coupons.
Rick Armazenador Interactive NPC Stores up to 300 of your caught Mortys in his Morty Daycare Center. Additionally, if you have two of the same type of some Mortys, Storage Rick will allow you to combine them into a more powerful Morty. Go here for a list of all Mortys that can be combined and their combinations.
Rick Modificador Interactive NPC Allows you to modify your Mortys' attacks for 1 Blips and Chitz coupon. This means any attack in your Morty's move set that you have the appropriate level to learn can be swapped in to one of the four attack slots. See the Morty Deck database for the attacks available to each Morty.
Rick Coordenador Interactive NPC
Rick Trapaceiro Interactive NPC Sells you a special bundle of items that he'll leave on the side of the arena at the start of a round in the Morty Games.
Rick Fichador Interactive NPC
Rick Investidor Interactive NPC Allows you to invest Schmeckles, returning more Schmeckles after a certain amount of time.
Rick Guarda Interactive NPC
Rick Robô Quest Giver Gives Quests "Sentindo-se Rickarregado", and "Um Novo Rickomeço"
O Cientista Chamado Rick Quest Giver Gives Quest "Um Rick e seu Morty"
Rick Chique Quest Giver Gives Quests "Rick Quer Voar", and "Cara, Cadê Meu Rick?"
Bluu Quest Giver Gives Quest "A Ricktadura"
Baloogy Mellow Quest Giver Gives Quest "Centenas de Rickanais"
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