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Event 1


I see Rex tried to pass off some of his shoddy Mortys.
What you want is a breeder who trains Mortys to win, Rick!


They might be a little scary to look at, but they still need love, Rick.
Not every Morty is a looker.

Event 2


My Mortys have been shaved and trimmed to competition standards.
Good luck matching their prowess in battle.


Not bad, Cadet. Not bad.

Event 3


Hey, Rick. I'll be honest, I'm a big fan of this game.
My Mortys just wanted to show how much they appreciate the effort you've put in.


I'll be sure to leave a 5 star review, Rick.
That's a nice thing that cool people do when they enjoy a mobile game.
Am I being clear enough? Is this carrying well?


Coming Soon

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