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1 month 3 days ago - 1 month 3 days ago #5810 by Harry0Buddy
TLC was created by Harry0Buddy
Below are improvements that would make anyones day!
I have hopes for oneday the IVs to be visible somewhere in game. Its very tedious to have to close game and come here to punch in stats just to know if me mortys are good or not.. Also there seems to be a lack of communication in game. Maybe some type of in game chat could do wonders for the community. Make tradeing crafting items a thing? An increase in request of mortys may also help, it hear this rainbow shirt guy needs over 2000 of his base evolution.. More then 1 a day could ease my mind a bit. An easier to read "morty deck" would mean I wouldnt have to remember every freaking morty in the multiverse by name and face.. It may be to much to ask but some more info being shown for many skills (in game not on a separate website) would be informative, one of mine simply states "Morty lashes out with a one-two combo" with nothing else.. Name tags appearing on the map when taping a rick head would make finding my lost freinds so much easier to, or at least have all players in a dimension server listed somewhere. While on that topic maybe the ability to mix players from different lvls groups together on a map so I can play with my noob bros would be super.
Well thats all I can thing of off the top my head but I feel each of the above could really throw some life into this Morty infested game.
Since this game is pretty much (as far as I can tell) a cool spinoff of the older pokemon games its worth mentioning that theres a game called PokeMMO, its just like the original pokemon game but its got wayyyyyy more info included in the game. Such as IVs, base stats, EVs, abilities and what lvls their unlocked, exc..... Somthing along the lines of what they have done but added to this amazing game.. Hmm, I'm getting goosebumps at the thought Anyways if any of this is possible in sure the masses would be cheering
IG name- Harry0Buddy
Lets be friends : D
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