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Start Date: 2022-04-29 10:00:00
End Date: 2022-05-01 04:30:00
Threat Level: Level 10World of Pain
This daddy deity has been heard shouting across the multiverse "you wanna go, bro?!". He's here to teach a lesson in fear... and it looks like school's in.


Name Type Power Accuracy AP
Thunder Strike Normal75%100%32000
Olympian Slam Rock85%85%32000
God Smack Normal85%85%32000
Lightning Fist Normal100%75%32000
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Reward Tiers

Tier Rank Rewards
Club Rick Credits x10, Child of Gaia, Flurbos x1050, Morty Manipulator Chip, Great Serum, Halzinger, Plutonic Rock
44 - 10
511 - 100
Club Rick Credits x1, Child of Gaia, Flurbos x550, Morty Manipulator Chip
6101 - 200
Flurbos x133, Morty Manipulator Chip, Flurbos x133, Flurbos x134
7201 - 300
Flurbos x100, Morty Manipulator Chip, Flurbos x100, Flurbos x100
8301 - 500
Flurbos x50, Flurbos x50, Flurbos x50, Flurbos x50
9501 - 750
Flurbos x37, Flurbos x37, Flurbos x37, Flurbos x39
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Note: Ranks are not global (worldwide), but instead split into smaller pools of users.
E.g. there will be many "rank 1" users around the world each raid event.


Want to know more about how Raids work? Check out our Pocket Mortys Raid Guide.

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I'm with Aacccc and Amistoso on this one. I'm generally against exclusive stuff, although if it's just cosmetic that can be a different story, but in fact, I'm in favor of eventually allowing all raids to be always active (resetting maybe every week, or whenever the boss dies), or at least once the game's development cycle ends.

This idea wouldn't break anything and could only make the game a better experience. Could you imagine if the Borderlands developers stuck with their initial idea of implementing a cooldown for how often a raid boss can be defeated? Raiding is a key part of the endgame content in the Borderlands community.

I strongly believe Pocket Sized Hands should take a note from the right decisions Gearbox made with Borderlands raiding and implement those into Pocket Mortys. Any raid, anytime, farming with the boys, however often suits the player. No pressure to make time for a specific weekend, no worrying that the boss will be permanently exploded the morning it releases.

Unfortunately, Pocket Sized Hands doesn't respond to Twitter DMs, so the only way to reach the developers is to politely contact Adult Swim Games Support via a support ticket, and they may "add it to the idea board" if we're lucky. Ideas like this can happen if we make an effort.