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Start Date: 2020-11-13 10:00:00
End Date: 2020-11-16 04:30:00
Threat Level: Level 8Certain Death
A giant, hulking beast of a monster who revels in the genocide of entire species and the destruction of worlds. He is the Worldender. The guy ends worlds. It's kind of his thing.


Name Type Power Accuracy AP
Genocidal Grenade Normal75%100%32000
Face Ender Paper85%85%32000
Devastating Kick Normal85%85%32000
Doom Bringer Normal100%75%32000
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Reward Tiers

Tier Rank Rewards
Club Rick Credits x10, Supernova Morty, Flurbos x1050, Morty Manipulator Chip, Great Serum, Halzinger, Plutonic Rock
44 - 10
511 - 100
Club Rick Credits x1, Supernova Morty, Flurbos x550, Morty Manipulator Chip
6101 - 200
Flurbos x133, Morty Manipulator Chip, Flurbos x133, Flurbos x134
7201 - 300
Flurbos x100, Morty Manipulator Chip, Flurbos x100, Flurbos x100
8301 - 500
Flurbos x50, Flurbos x50, Flurbos x50, Flurbos x50
9501 - 750
Flurbos x37, Flurbos x37, Flurbos x37, Flurbos x39
10751 - 8000
Flurbos x12, Flurbos x12, Flurbos x13, Flurbos x13
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Note: Ranks are not global (worldwide), but instead split into smaller pools of users.
E.g. there will be many "rank 1" users around the world each raid event.


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it's mind-blowing how many players were fielding Gotron Morty and other rock-type Mortys during this raid. why even waste your time participating in multiple 45-minute fights if you're not gonna give yourself the opportunity to do maximum damage? one dude was rocking an all-rock team of Gotron, OTM, OTM, Trover, and Trover LOL


Welp. The boss still has 80% and I'm 6th in my shard with a bunch of level 70 mortys that aren't even all scissors types. Don't think we're killing this guy.


Dude, wtf!? It's the fourth time my session freezes and boots me out of battle! Anyone else getting this problem? The loading screen gives me a (Battle Ready Failed) or something like that... But the shittiest part is that I don't recover my tickets or permits, I had 15 tickets and only managed to get 2 complete battles out of them!


Quoting Lemonwedges:
Yo wrf you can't end the raid manually. So I just have to sit here and squirm my whole team to death? Fun.

If you buffed your ATK stat and debuffed DEF and Evade on the Raid Boss right, you can put in like an extra 25k or more in damage throughout an entire single fight, especially if the main attacker in your team is a regenerating Morty and it can go low enough in-between Pure Plutonics before you have to load up on HP again. Doesn't seem like much, but anything helps to stay in the top 100.


have u read my guide Understanding Raids for Beginners ? u can search for it in the forums here


I used Forty, Psychokinetic, Super Soldier, and 2 Hell Demons. fought Worldender 3 times and placed at 22.