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Start Date: 2021-08-20 10:00:00
End Date: 2021-08-23 04:30:00
Threat Level: Level 16Very Very Hard
Turkey Super Solider is dead set on turning all American Turkeys into human-turkey super soldiers. Destroy him before your favorite lunch meat is banished forever!


Name Type Power Accuracy AP
Crypt of the New World Normal75%100%32000
Humanizer Ray Normal85%85%32000
Pardon This Normal100%75%32000
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Reward Tiers

Tier Rank Rewards
44 - 10
511 - 100
Club Rick Credits x1, Super Soldier Morty, Flurbos x550, Morty Manipulator Chip
6101 - 200
Flurbos x133, Morty Manipulator Chip, Flurbos x133, Flurbos x134
7201 - 300
Flurbos x100, Morty Manipulator Chip, Flurbos x100, Flurbos x100
8301 - 500
Flurbos x50, Flurbos x50, Flurbos x50, Flurbos x50
9501 - 750
Flurbos x37, Flurbos x37, Flurbos x37, Flurbos x39
10751 - 8000
Flurbos x12, Flurbos x12, Flurbos x13, Flurbos x13
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Note: Ranks are not global (worldwide), but instead split into smaller pools of users.
E.g. there will be many "rank 1" users around the world each raid event.


Want to know more about how Raids work? Check out our Pocket Mortys Raid Guide.

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So now I can't even play the game I wanna start over make new acc and play buy no It dont even let me do that each time I try to connect to play save it closes or black screen never working but if I skip the tutorial comes on when I then try to add a Google acc it messes up again 4 hours now I've been messing bout trying new stuff deleted my whole play save from play games liek achievements and all that and restarted uninstalled morty like 12 times now pls help


Remember that time when we all could not see the raid well its because I think if u are in the game while they put the raid in it does not show up for those people just a guess idk lol