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List of All Raids in Pocket Mortys

Updated to Game Version 2.25.1, Asset Version 278 (June 14th, 2021).

Event # Raid Boss Type Threat Level Start Date End Date Special Reward
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There are currently 17 raid boss threat levels:

  1. Fláccido
  2. Esponja molhada
  3. Ridículo
  4. Pouco perigo
  5. Szechuan!
  6. Insano!!
  7. PÂNICO!
  8. Morte certa
  9. Mortal
  10. Mundo da dor
  11. Sem esperança
  12. Absurdo
  13. Inconcebível
  14. Difícil
  15. Muito difícil
  16. Muito, muito difícil
  17. Extremo

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