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"The Rick In Me is a Rick In You" Quest

The Rick In Me is a Rick In You
Quest Giver: Jerry
Badges Required: 36
Quests Required: Butter Me Up Rick
Quest Giver Wanders? Yes
Jerry is wondering what life would be like in a new dimension.


Active Quest:

You spend so much time in different dimensions, around different versions of yourself, Rick.
I've always wondered what life would be like for me in a different dimension. Could you help me find out?

Reject Item:

I'm not sure what insight this gives me into alternate versions of myself, Rick. Can we try something else?

Accept Item:

This is perfect, Rick!
I wonder if there's a dimension where I'm the winner of the Regional Advertiser of the Year award?
I found a box of your stuff labeled \"Purified\". I was going to throw it out, but you may as well take it.

Complete Quest:

I think I'm going to enjoy this, Rick!
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