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"Rickbooting a New Life" Quest

Rickbooting a New Life
Quest Giver: Robot Rick
Badges Required: 14
Quests Required: Feeling Rickcharged
Quest Giver Wanders? No
Robot Rick's AI is malfunctioning.

Items Accepted:


Useful Recipes:

Battery Circuit Board Cable Motherboard


Level Up Mega Seed


Active Quest:

Beep... Beep... Rick..k..k.
Lo..gi..ii..i...c fa..ii..ling.
Hardware corrupt, System shutting down.

Reject Item:

Replacement part failed.
Motherboard damaged. System shutting down.

Accept Item:

Motherboard installed.
System rebooting...
Beep... Rick, that supercharged battery you gave me was too powerful. It fried my Motherboard.
Thanks for finding me a new one. I feel like I could take over the Multiverse one Morty at a time!
I mean, thank you, Rick. Take this and let us never talk about who's taking over who again.

Complete Quest:

I'll only use this Motherboard for good, Rick.
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