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"Butter Me Up Rick" Quest

Butter Me Up, Rick
Quest Giver: Jerry
Badges Required: 28
Quests Required: The Love Ricktor
Quest Giver Wanders? Yes
Jerry is struggling to reach the butter for his toast.

Items Accepted:

Butter Robot

Useful Recipes:

Robot Tin Can Butter Robot


Mutant Bacteria Cell


Active Quest:

Rick! Thank the Lord, I found you! There’s an emergency at the house and you’re needed right away.
My toast just popped but I can’t reach the butter at the back of the fridge. Beth is out and the toast is starting to get cold!
Can you craft a device to help me?

Reject Item:

I don't see how that is going to help me get to the butter, Rick.

Accept Item:

That's genius! Wait until Beth gets home and sees this.
Thanks, Rick. Here, take this. I found it in the second freezer drawer... but it tastes awful.

Complete Quest:

I don't feel so great... I probably just need to eat something.
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