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A list of suggestions to improve the game play

1 year 1 week ago - 1 year 1 week ago #5593 by Migifi
A lot of these are probably suggested already here is a list I've come up with:
  • A stat box when donating, so you wont get same lvl, same hp mortys mixed up anymore
  • When requesting morty, a sign which says whether you own the morty already or need it to evolve. (If you don't remember, you need to check from morty deck currently)
  • Ability to release faster or multiple mortys
  • Multiple storages (with less space each if number of mortys wants to be limited), move the mortys you want to keep to a different storage to avoid accidentally releasing
  • Mark your morty with some tag that makes it stand out in storage
  • Or: nicknames/extra name. Same idea as tagging. Does not transfer with donation
  • Show how many mortys have been dazed with this specific morty in profile. Can be used to track EV training roughly and for flexing purposes
  • Compare mortys option
  • Add the hp bar alongside the evolution bar when blending morty's.
  • When releasing morty's, the page scrolls automatically to the top. Make it stop to avoid scrolling back to the same spot on the list.
  • When crafting, show how many items you own as a little text bubble (of the item you're crafting and of them items you're crafting from)
  • Give morty's a tag, which indicates is it a Fresh morty or an 'old' morty. (as in nothing has happened to this morty since catching)
  • Sort the morty storage by the date you catch or receive them. Newest to oldest and oldest to newest.
  • Also sort the storage by the morty # number
  • Remove the share -button.
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