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Dirty Rick

Dirty Rick
Type: Interactive NPC
Purpose: Provides items for use in the Morty Games (costs 1000 Schmeckles)


Hey Rick, I hear you are entering the Morty Games? Those battles can be pretty brutal.

If you need a little help I can stash a few items by the side of the ring for you. What do you say?


Dirty Rick will sell you a special bundle of items that he'll leave on the side of the arena at the start of a round in the Morty Games.

The bundle costs 1,000 Schmeckles, and the items inside are 2x Serum, 1x Great Serum, and 1x Plutonic Rock.

It is highly recommended that you purchase the bundle before each event in the Morty Games, as you cannot bring in your own items and Mortys. Having the extra items makes the challenges much easier to complete.

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David A

David A

for some reason, i cannot access the items at all. i paid 1000 shmeckels and still cant pick up the items. mad
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