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Pure Plutonic Rock

Recipe for Creation

Battery Mutant Bacteria Cell Pure Plutonic Rock

Recipes Used In


Quests Used In

Rickstoring the Balance

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What's the difference between Def and pure plutonic rock? If you use a Def one twice will it restore a mortys ap fully or does it only do 50 % each time? Trying to find out if it's worth spending the extra amount on the pure plutonic rock or not


Pure is only better in the middle of a battle. If you are refilling between battles, the 1/2 is fine. It's actually a little more than 1/2, so if you have five shots, it will replenish three of them.

It's 1/2 of your total possible; two will definitely bring you to 100% full. You are way over thinking this, just play. You'll laugh at yourself when you realize how quickly you end up with too many of both.
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